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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 47
July 25, 2012
News and Headlines
W3C and WHATWG Finalize Split On HTML5 Spec; Forking 'Unlikely' WHATWG's Ian Hickson sent an e-mail to the WHATWG list explaining that the planned split between the W3C and WHATWG's editing of the HTML5 and HTML Living Standard specs is now in effect.
Michael Smith (W3C) On 'The Latest WHATWG vs W3C Non-News' Though not writing in an official capacity, Michael Smith of the W3C shares his thoughts.
Adobe PhoneGap 2.0 Released: 'A Vastly Improved Developer Experience' PhoneGap lets developers build cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. 2.0 brings Cordova WebView, command line tooling, Windows Phone support, support for unified Javascript across platforms, and more.
HTML5 Developer Conference's Call For Speakers Open The 'HTML5 Developer Conference' is returning to San Francisco this October and is looking for speakers. You have until August 30 to apply.
From Our Sponsor
Getting Started with WebRTC Over at the always awesome HTML5 Rocks, Sam Dutton looks at WebRTC, an HTML5 standard for plugin-free real time communications functionality (calls, video chat, data channels, and more). A lot to take in and see here.
Dragging and Dropping of File Folders Onto Chrome Now Supported Dragging files into the browser has been a 'thing' for a while now, but what about entire folders? There have been workarounds in the past but beginning with Chrome 21, support for working with dragged and dropped file folders is going native.
How to Do Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5 Discusses client prediction, client interpolation, a simple lobby system, complete with a demo and MIT licensed example code. Uses Node.js,, Express, and HTML5 canvas.
Creating A Semantic Breadcrumb Trail Using HTML5 Microdata Euan Torano shows how to build a semantic breadcrumb that uses HTML5 microdata. Seems this technique also helps Google give better formatting to your results..
Compositing and Blending 1.0 Editor's Draft Compositing describes how shapes of different elements are combined into a single image. Only an idea for now, this work by the W3C CSS and SVG Working Groups shows the current line of thinking.
Firefox Beta 15 Supports The New Opus Audio Format Opus is a new 'completely free audio format' being standardized by the IETF that offers better compression than presently common codecs like AAC and MP3.
Building Node Diagrams in HTML5 A look at using HTML5 and CSS3 to build node diagrams to visualize network flow data, complete with JSFiddles so you can play around with them yourself.
What's New in HTML5: The 'Track' Element Brings captioning, subtitle, and textual metadata support to HTML5 video.
Explained: Firefox 15 Now Prevents Most Memory Leaks Caused by Add-ons
Mozilla Wants Hundreds Of Thousands Of Firefox OS Developers Firefox OS (originally called Book to Gecko) will get overwhelming support because most apps are already written in HTML5, says Mozilla Europe president, Tristan Nitot, in this interview.
Unprefixed CSS3 Gradients in Internet Explorer 10
Seamless IFRAMEs: The Future, Today! (In Slide Form) Ben Vinegar works for Disqus, a third party commenting service that integrates on other sites using IFRAMEs. In this slide deck, he looks at an HTML5 feature currently being implemented, seamless IFRAMEs (among other things, CSS rules from the parent cascade down and hyperlinks in the IFRAME navigate the parent context.)
Firefox 16 Aurora is Out - Unprefixing Time!
HTML5 & Microformats 2: The Next Evolutionary Step for Web Data A slide-deck by Tantek Celik.
Creating a Metro Style Geospatial Application Using Windows 8, HTML5, and JavaScript
Sprite Cow: Generate CSS from Sprite Sheets I was surprised at how useful and usable this was. Give the example image a try. Compelling.
147 Colors: The Many Colors of CSS A site to help web designers and developers learn the 147 CSS color names that are available today. Yep, 'DodgerBlue' is really an official color in CSS!
Code and Libraries
Modernizr 2.6 Released Modernizr is a popular library for doing feature detection of browser features. Includes more inline documentation and better or faster support for geolocation, Firefox ESR, Flexbox, and WebGL.
Qwerty Hancock: Vector JavaScript Keyboard for Web Audio Projects It only works in Chrome but for now the name and the retro feel won me over here!
Sigma.js: Lightweight Canvas Graph Drawing Library
MetroGameKit: Free, Starter Project for Casual Windows 8 HTML5 Gamedev
eRouter: Dynamically Load JavaScript and CSS Files Based On Current URL
The Breaking Bad Logo Recreated with CSS3 and JS (Animated, With Code)
Run Puma Run: A Medal Grabbing, Hurdle Dodging Game
A slick HTML5 game with music, sound, and chunky retro graphics produced for popular sports brand, Puma. Good timing for the Olympics!
FluidUI: Impressive Mobile Mockup Editor An impressive HTML5 powered editor for putting together mockups of mobile interfaces.
Honeycomb (by Ninjadev) A true 'demoscene' style demo, powered by HTML5. Synth music, 3D objects, dizzying camera action, the works.
Lunch Bug: Free HTML5 Strategy Puzzle Game from Lost Decade Games
Microsoft's 'Glimpse Catalogs': An HTML5 Online Shopping Experience
Last but not least..
Retinafy Your Web Sites and Apps — Thomas Fuchs' New E-book Thomas Fuchs (of Scriptaculous and JavaScript Masterclass fame) has put together a (beta) e-book of tips and techniques around supporting higher resolutions devices as now present with 'Retina' displays. (Note: It costs money.)
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