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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 46
July 18, 2012
Some readers have asked what HTML5 Weekly's topic scope is. Simply, it's front-end 'browser technology' with an emphasis on HTML5 and its various scripting APIs. However, HTML5 is a handy, commonly used catch-all term for many browser technologies now (even by the W3C) so that's what I went with :-) - Peter.
News and Headlines
Firefox 14 Released: Now Supports Pointer Lock API Just over a month after Firefox 13, 14 is now in the main release channel. It brings Pointer Lock API support (handy for HTML5 games), an API to stop the screen turning off (or a screen saver coming on) and plugins can now be configured to only load on click.
getUserMedia Now Usable on Latest Nightly Builds of Firefox getUserMedia is a DOM API that allows web pages to obtain video and audio input (such as from a webcam) and this is a good first step to full WebRTC support in Firefox.
Firebug 1.10 Released: A Look at The New Features Firebug is a popular set of developer tools for Firefox and the latest release brings cookie management, autocompletion, support media queries, style definition tracing, and more. This is a great run through all the new features.
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The History of HTML5 Infographic
It glosses over the start somewhat but this is a generally interesting infographic running through key points in the development of HTML5 from 2004 to the current day.
Mastering the Application Cache Manifest for Offline Web Apps and Performance How to use HTML5 application cache manifests to improve performance and enable offline usage of Web apps.
The Web Developer Toolbox: Modernizr Modernizr is a popular library for doing browser feature detection but if you're not using it yet, this is a great intro from the Mozilla Hacks blog.
Raw WebGL 101: How to Create A Simple Shader A simple explanation of an often arcane topic.
W3C Editor's Draft of CSS Syntax Module Level 3 Available The CSS Syntax Module describes, in general terms, the structure and syntax of CSS stylesheets. It defines, in detail, the syntax and parsing of CSS. That is, how to turn a stream of bytes into a meaningful stylesheet.
Writing A Flippable Book Using CSS Regions and 3D Transforms
Latest W3C Working Draft of HTML5 File API Released
Databinding UI Elements with IndexedDB: A Tutorial
Building HTML5 Apps for Office 2013: A Preview Microsoft's latest incarnation of Office is on the way and they've just shared some info about how developers will be able to build 'apps' for it using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and similar technologies.
How To 'Retinafy' Your Web Site (A Flowchart) [PDF] Don't know if you're coming or going with all these new Apple 'retina' displays? Thomas Fuchs presents a flowchart for making decisions on what to do with various types of existing content from JPEGs to Favicons.
Learning IE8: Make The Most of Today's New 'Baseline' Browser
Web Workers To Support data: URLs for Scripts Still on the cutting edge of the drawing board, but the Web Workers spec has been updated to support scripts provided through data: URLs.
Code and Libraries
jquery-mobile-starter: Basic PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile Project Starter
Chem: HTML5 Game Engine Optimized for Rapid Development
Astray: Simple, Open Source WebGL Maze Game Built With Three.js
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GL Invasion: A Superb Vertically Scrolling Shooter
This is amazingly slick (and amazingly difficult). Use arrow keys and enter to navigate the menus (no mouse) and Z, X, and C to shoot in the game.
Classic Snake Game on HTML5 Canvas (with Tweakable Code) Graphically simple but this snake game has great sound effects and music. You can also hit the 'code' button and immediately see how it works (and tweak it to your amusement.)
MineCraftWebGL: A MineCraft-style Engine Powered by WebGL
Old School Cassette Player with HTML5 Audio Vintage format meets modern web tech: an HTML5 audio player with realistic controls. A slick demo with code available.
A Simple HTML5 Audio Editor You can edit WAV, OGG and MP3 files and export them as WAVs. No plugins, just JavaScript and HTML5. You need a Web Audio API compatible browser though (like Chrome or a recent Safari build).
HTML5 Canvas 'Particles Web Matrix' Cute demo with live editable code.
Last but not least..
Ninja: An HTML5 Authoring Tool An visually-oriented authoring tool for mobile and desktop HTML5 content and applications. There's a handy video tour if you're not sure.
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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