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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 45
July 11, 2012
News and Headlines
CSS Transforms and IndexedDB Unprefixed in Firefox 16 A flurry of 'unprefixing' activity is taking place in the Firefox camp, starting with -moz-transform becoming 'transform' and window.mozIndexedDB becoming 'window.indexedDB' (Firefox 16 is due for general release in October.)
Mass Unprefixing in Firefox 16 More of the above but for CSS3 animations, transitions, transforms and gradients.
A First Bite of Opera 12.50 'Marlin' Opera unveils a development snapshot of their next browser version. It includes an implementation of the Clipboard API, support for some -webkit prefixed CSS properties, redesigned keyboard event handling, and integration with Mac OS X 10.8's Notification Center.
Opera Demos SPDY Support in Experimental Browser Release
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Using HTML as the Media Type for your API Jon Moore has heard many folks say that 'HTML is primarily for presentation and not for conveying information' and not suitable for API use but he says hogwash! He makes some interesting points.
How to Compare the Memory Efficiency of Web Browsers Mozilla's Nicholas Nethercote explains why cross-browser comparisons of memory consumption are bad and demonstrates a better method.
SPDY for Rest of Us Lakshan Perera takes a quick look at the increasingly popular Web data transfer protocol in order to see why it matters to Web developers.
Testing HTML5 Offline Features Against a Remote Server Using Capybara/Selenium
How I Learned Backbone.js, Three.js and GLSL in One Week An enjoyable walkthrough of how a developer rose to the challenge of building a first person shooter in a week by using Backbone, Three.js (the WebGL library), and GLSL (shaders used with WebGL). The game has been open sourced too.
Everybody Hates Firefox Updates
Ping-Pong Game Tutorial with HTML5 Canvas and Sounds
HTML5 Experiment: Drag and Drop of (File) Folders Wouldn't it be great if you could upload an entire folder of files in the browser with a single drag? Christopher Blum has been working on such a feature for use in Chrome.
Making Awesome, Animated CSS3 Loading Bars with SVG Backgrounds
Remaking A Commodore 64 Game in HTML A gloriously in-depth walkthrough of how Scott Schiller reimplemented an old C64 game using HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript (and no Canvas in sight!) There's a lot to enjoy here.
Chrome Beta Enables getUserMedia API and Google Cloud Print The latest beta release of Google Chrome enables the getUserMedia API by default (think accessing and manipulating webcam images from JavaScript) and adds support for a new Google printer connectivity system.
HTML5 and the Future of the Web - Dr. Seuss Style
New Web Tools and Advanced CSS/HTML5 Features from Adobe and Google An hour long Google I/O session digging into CSS Regions, Exclusions, Shaders, Compositing, and the Shadow DOM, along with Adobe's Shadow and Brackets projects. Lots of demos!
Code and Libraries
HTML5 Sortable: Sortable Lists and Grids with HTML5 Drag and Drop A jQuery plugin to create sortable lists and grids using the native HTML5 drag and drop API. Less than 1KB minified and gzipped.
Bootstrap Tour: Easy Product Tours With Twitter Bootstrap A quick and easy way to build product tours using Twitter Bootstrap popovers. Copes with scrolling, multiple pages, and more.
dartflash: Adobe's Flash API Ported to Dart and HTML5 An interesting library for Google's Dart language that provides the Flash API on top of HTML5 web standards. It's a work in progress but there's a demo.
Montage: A Framework for Rich HTML5 Apps from Motorola Mobility Montage simplifies the development of rich HTML5 applications by providing modular components, real-time two-way data binding, CommonJS dependency management, and more.
HTML5 Canvas Experiment: A Flame/Fire Effect Using Particles A simple but striking effect but what I found interesting is you can 'play back' the writing of the code and follow along in its development. An interesting way to learn.
bob-moog-google-doodle: Web Audio Pipeline from the Moog Google Doodle
UI Software Engineer (Santa Barbara, CA) Why get a JOB when you can play in paradise? Ontraport is looking for smart like-minded people to join our team of innovators. Work in a beautiful environment that focuses on collaboration encouraging all employees to voice their ideas and perspectives.
JavaScript Engineer At Swoop we are pushing the limits of single page cross domain web application development. Not only does our code need to run correctly, but it needs to run in some of the most hostile environments on the web: other people’s web pages.
Want awesome HTML5 Weekly readers to work for you? Post a job to the newsletter! :-)
Art of Stars in HTML5 Uses your browser's geolocation support to show a live star chart as may be visible at your location.
11 WebGL Demos from Mozilla's June DevDerby Contest
Moqups: HTML5 + SVG = A Cool UI Wireframing / Mockups Tool
Last but not least..
It's JPEG and HTML, Simultaneously Is the linked document an HTML page or is it a JPEG image? It's both. At the same time. Intrigued?
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