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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 44
July 4, 2012
Welcome to issue 44 of HTML5 Weekly! Some minor formatting adjustments today for improving the general feel plus support for low resolutions. Any issues, hit Reply and let me know. Thanks! - Peter.
News and Latest Developments
New E-Book: The Truth About HTML5 (For Web Designers)
An e-book (Kindle, ePub and MOBI) by Australian developer Luke Stevens. I haven't read it yet but it claims to be an opinionated look at HTML5 for Web designers who want to get up to speed with it. But no mention of H5W in his HTML5 resources section? Shame! ;-)
Google Chrome Arrives On iOS - Sort Of While it provides a pretty nice browsing experience IMHO (ahh, the Omnibar!), Chrome for iOS isn't entirely what you might expect due to Apple's strict rules. The JavaScript and rendering engines are essentially those Apple provide through UIWebView and which any iOS developer can use.
Mozilla Gains Global Support For a Firefox Mobile OS It reads like the dullest of press releases (c'mon Mozilla!) but Mozilla's plans to launch a new, fully open HTML5 platform for mobile devices seems to be coming along nicely with numerous manufacturers ready to roll out the technology.
Mozilla's Dev Derby Contest for July: Build Something Without JavaScript Mozilla DemoStudio presents its latest 'Dev Derby' contest, this time to build something impressive inside the browser but without using JavaScript. Yes, there are prizes.
ChicagoWebConf 2012: A Web Technology Conference (October 6) Billing itself as an 'epic one day conference on web technologies', ChicagoWebConf is taking place later this year. Registration has just opened and you can also submit a proposal to speak.
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The Skinny on IE's Automatic Updates Policy In late 2011, Microsoft announced they'd start to do automatic upgrades of IE on their operating systems. Now, Paul Irish explains what this IE update policy will mean for Web developers and how the first steps of this policy have panned out.
JavaScript Profiling With The Chrome Developer Tools
Google I/O Recap from a HTML5 Game Development Perspective Google I/O has been one of the big events of the past week and with Chrome being a heavyweight in the world of HTML5 and the popularity of HTML5 game development, it was a topic sure to come up. Pascal Rettig summarizes.
Turning the Web Up to 11: The Web Audio API At Google I/O, Chris Wilson gave a talk about the Web Audio API, as currently found in Chrome. This is just the slide deck, but it includes code and interactive demos (Chrome only and your mileage may vary depending on version).
On WebGL Quake 3: 2 Years Later Brandon Jones' 'WebGL Quake 3' demo has long been a favorite of mine and now 2 years on he shares some thoughts about what he'd change and how it could be better using more recent techniques.
Crunching Megapixels in WebGL The developer of Radi (mentioned elsewhere in this issue) shares a lot of things he learnt about WebGL while implementing Radi's new live filtering functionality.
Internet Explorer 6 as a Chat Server Described as a "a fully-functioning joke".. ewww... but clever ;-)
Creating a Slider Control with the HTML5 Range Input
Microsoft on Test the Web Forward The Internet Explorer team talks about the recent 'Test the Web Forward' event run by Adobe to get people helping with improving browser support for modern Web standards (except WebGL on IE, of course).
How to Create Simple Timed Notifications with CSS Animations
Building a Rocket Animation in 4 Days – A Kicksend Story Photo-sending service Kicksend wanted a snazzy HTML5 rocket animation to signify the sending of photos. This post explains how they went about developing one.
The Web Can Do That!? A fun 40 minute talk from Google's Eric Bidelman about some of the funkier things possible on the Web using HTML5, CSS3 and related technologies.
Better Web App Development Through Tooling with Paul Irish Web tooling superstar Paul Irish is back with this 40 minute talk from Google I/O. He shows off some valuable open source projects for saving us time when building webapps including Google's own Yeoman (mentioned below).
Yeoman: Google's Opinionated Stack'o'Tools for Webapp Developers
A wonderful bag'o'tools from Google covering fast scaffolding for new projects, automatic compilation of CoffeeScript and Sass, automatic linting, image optimization, manifest generation, PhantomJS unit testing, and more.
HTML5 Validator with Error Filters HTML5 validator built on top of which groups validation error messages into logical groups and allows you to show/hide them. Useful if you are using a CMS which generates invalid markup as you can filter out the CMS errors and only see the ones you want to focus on.
PhoneGap 1.9.0 Released PhoneGap (or Apache Cordova) is a popular way to roll out HTML5 and JavaScript powered apps to mobile devices within native wrappers. 1.9.0 is primarily a bug fix release.
Code and Libraries
Pageguide: Create Interactive Guides for Your Pages' Elements
Percentage Loader: jQuery Plugin to Display Progress Uses HTML5 Canvas for rendering its good looks.
Cinderblock: A Stripped Down HTML/CSS Boilerplate for Starting Any Project If HTML5 Boilerplate was ever a bit heavy for you, consider this.
Pondasee: A Front-End Starter Kit with SCSS and Compass
UI Software Engineer (Santa Barbara, CA) Why get a JOB when you can play in paradise? Ontraport is looking for smart like-minded people to join our team of innovators. Work in a beautiful environment that focuses on collaboration encouraging all employees to voice their ideas and perspectives.
JavaScript, HTML5, CSS - Amazon London is hiring The new Amazon development centre in central London is hiring talented developers to deliver scalable and maintainable applications for TVs and consoles.
Post a job to be included in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
Matraka: A Demo in 1005 Bytes
An impressive JavaScript and canvas powered demo crammed a mere 1005 bytes - includes 3D rendering and 8 bit music. Working out how it works will keep you up for a while. (Warning: Plays music on loading.)
Brutal Collage: A 'Cut and Paste' Action Game
A slick HTML5-powered action game using collaging techniques. I enjoyed this a lot. It's one of many games on, a service that lets HTML5 game developers distribute their games, add payment features, and more.
Transport Tycoon Deluxe: Ported to the Web with Emscripten! Transport Tycoon was a popular simulation game from the mid 90s. Using Emscripten, it has now been ported to the Web (JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas). Far from perfect but it does run!
Last but not least..
Radi 0.9 Adds Support for Realtime WebGL Visual Effects Version 0.9 of Radi, a Mac-based HTML5 multimedia design app, has introduced the ability to apply realtime visual effects to Web page content using WebGL. There are a few demos to show off the idea.
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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