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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 42
June 20, 2012
News and Latest Developments
Now Available: WebGL Beginner's Guide (in E-Book + Print)
Can't vouch for the book as I haven't read it but given there are so few WebGL focused books out, it's great to see this release from Packt by authors Diego Cantor and Brandon Jones. The writeup certainly sounds good.
Mozilla Aims At The iPad Browser Market With 'Junior' Mozilla is exploring what's possible on the iPad for its browser technology and has showed off 'Junior', a prototype of Mozilla's take on a mobile browser for iOS.
Firefox Gets a 'Command Line for Developers' Joe Walker of Mozilla shows off a new feature in Firefox Nightly, a new toolbar that includes a 'command line' for accessing small tools and experimental features in the browser and developer tools.
Beta SPDY Support for nginx Unveiled nginx is a popular, high performance HTTP server and proxy and it now has beta support for SPDY Draft 2, Google's experimental networking protocol designed to make Web pages load faster.
From Our Sponsor
The Top 100 HTML Markup Validation Errors by W3CLove W3CLove is a paid service that offers 'site-wide markup validation' and they've release an interesting roundup of the 100 most common markup validation errors found on 465,804 pages they've scanned.
Debunking Responsive CSS Performance Myths Google's Ilya Grigorik looks at two myths relating to CSS performance: 'All stylesheets block rendering' and 'CSS is always in the critical path'
Using HTML5 Geolocation API to Measure The Speed and Heading Of Your Car
Browser Testing Across Devices With Adobe Shadow Brian Rinaldi shows how Adobe's new 'Shadow' tool can help ease the complex workflow of testing mobile sites across multiple Android and iOS devices.
How to Embed HTML5 Video in Emails for Retina iPhones
Using Semantic HTML Terry Ryan discusses what semantic HTML is, including new semantic HTML5 tags, as well as when and why you would want to use it.
HTML5 Accessibility Chops: Notes On Using ARIA
A (Very Simple) Introduction to The Web Audio API
How Browsers Work Internally At Front Trends 2012, Tali Garsiel gave a technical talk about the intricacies of browsers' internal operations. What exactly happens after you enter a URL up until you see the page? Find out in 30 minutes.
Making Waves Using The Web Audio API Stuart Memo presents a short 3 minute screencast showing how to create audio in the browser using various types of waves using the Web Audio API. There's also a link to an article with a JSFiddle so you can play right away.
A Look at Product Design at Mozilla Mozilla's Product Design Strategy team shows us what they've been working on lately in a 50 minute presentation. The projects include Junior, Search Tabs, and Presence.
Code and Libraries
Photon: CSS 3D Lighting Engine
Apply the right levels of shade to simulate lighting and you get an elegant 3D effect. Photon is a JavaScript library that adds simple lighting effects to DOM elements in 3D space. (WebKit browsers only.)
A Free, Responsive HTML5 / CSS3 Template A rather attractive HTML5 and CSS3-based Web template, and can't argue for the price.
Mobello: UI Framework for HTML5 Mobile Apps Mobello claims to be a 'scalable and robust framework' suited for fast and rich user interface development of 'native-like' HTML5 apps for smartphones and tablets.
PackageStore: Flexible (and Encrypted) Storage of Data in localStorage A JavaScript library that can flexibly store data in a secure manner using the same interface as localStorage. Optionally, the data can be encrypted with the algorithm of your choice.
ifvisible.js: Check If User Is Looking or Interacting With The Page
3D Thumbnail Hover Effects
Some interesting CSS3 and jQuery powered effects on thumbnail images. Hover over the image and get crinkle, curl, bulge, and similar visual responses.
Shiny Demos: A Collection of Simple Web Technology Demos by Opera An ever-growing set of demos of the latest open Web standards and technologies from the Opera developer relations team.
Front-End Developer at Threespot Our front-end Developers are responsible for the production and testing of website and application interfaces. They create cross-browser solutions that separate structure, presentation, and behavior using semantic markup, CSS, and unobtrusive JavaScript.
GFACE - UI Engineer Crytek (creator of Far Cry and Crysis) is seeking an experienced UI Engineer passionate about building HTML5 based web applications and components for GFACE. This is a full time position in Germany.
Last but not least..
Thimble: A New Web Page Builder from Mozilla Write and edit HTML and CSS in your browser, instantly preview your work, and host and share pages with a click. It's Mozilla's latest Web tool effort.
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