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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 41
June 13, 2012
A lighter issue than usual as I'm away today and currently building this without any Internet access ;-) Enjoy!
News and Latest Developments
iOS 6 Adds Web Audio API and CSS Filters to Safari
Apple improves support for Web technologies in Safari on iOS 6 with Web Audio API support, CSS filters, and video/image upload support direct in the browser. If you're in the Apple club, there's a beta out too.
Announcing WebMatrix 2 RC: Microsoft's Free Webdev IDE
In a sense, Microsoft's WebMatrix is a Web developer oriented alternative to Visual Studio. WebMatrix 2 adds extra support for technologies like Node.js, HTML5, and CSS3.
Shumway: Mozilla's Flash VM and Runtime Written in JavaScript Shumway is an HTML5-based experiment to build a faithful and efficient SWF (Flash) renderer without native code assistance/plugins. It's community-driven, open source and supported by Mozilla. As with pdf.js, integration with Firefox is a possibility if the experiment proves successful..
Metro-Mode Chrome Coming for Windows 8 The Chromium team have been working on a Metro-style enabled version of Chrome for a while and if you have Windows 8 Release Preview, you can try it out in the next Dev Channel release of Chrome.
Float Mobile Learning Symposium (Chicago, June 25) A free 'all things mobile' event in Chicago later this month. Among others, Groupon's Shay Howe will be talking about HTML5 and its impact on semantic content.
Adobe Releases Issue #3 of Appliness, Its Free Webdev Magazine
From Our Sponsor
CSS3 Filters: Altering HTML and Images With Just CSS CSS3 introduces the concept of 'filters' that can be applied to various elements to get certain visual effects. This article shows some of them off, as well as the properties used.
Guidelines for Idiomatic CSS A collection of handy pointers and conventions for laying out your CSS. A styleguide for 'idiomatic CSS', if you will.
Tim Bray Proposes A New HTTP Status Code for Legally-Restricted Resources
Poll Results: Popularity of CSS Preprocessors About 13,000 results went into this poll of what CSS preprocessors Web developers are currently using (or not using!)
Understanding the CSS Transforms Matrix On the Dev.Opera blog, a well written explanation how matrix-based transforms can be used with CSS.
How to Access Battery Status Info Through JavaScript with HTML5
WebGL 3D: Part 1 - Orthographic 3D The start of a new series of WebGL tutorials.
Circled, Numbered Bulletpoints with CSS and HTML5
HTML 5: The Next Big Thing for Content
Watching's Use Of Voronoi, Canvas, and JavaScript This week, a funny site called has been doing the rounds. Check it out if you haven't already, and then enjoy this explanation of how it works by Paul Irish.
GradientFinder - Convert Images into CSS Gradients An interesting Web-based tool that can take images of gradient and convert them into the equivalent CSS3 properties.
Code and Libraries
Glue: Simple Command Line Tool to Generate CSS Spritesheets Turn images into efficient, handy CSS sprites with this tool.
Juicebox: HTML5 Image Galleries Made Easy A powerful and attractive HTML5 based gallery system. It comes in both commercial and restricted but free flavors.
Last but not least..
'Like A Rounded Corner' by Bruce and The Standardettes
For a little bit of light hearted entertainment, enjoy Bruce Lawson's homebrew music video and song about Web standards. Oh, and don't forget the Standardettes.
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