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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 40
June 6, 2012
Welcome to issue 40 of HTML5 Weekly. Sorry for the missing issue last week but I was busy being overwhelmed at the O'Reilly Fluent conference :-) Of course, this means I have plenty in store for this week.. enjoy!
News and Latest Developments
Firefox 13 Released: Enables SPDY Support by Default The latest Firefox release went live on the general release channel this week. Improvements include a new 'new tab' page, SPDY protocol support enabled by default, support for the column-fill CSS property, and 72 improvements to the inspectors and dev panels.
Test the Web Forward: Browser Tech Hackathon in San Francisco, June 15-16 A hackathon promoting writing tests for CSS and SVG features that will help developers use open web standards across all browsers. Representatives from W3C, Google, Mozilla, Adobe and Microsoft will offer guidance.
Accelerated CSS Filters Have Landed in Chromium
From Our Sponsor
Get the Look: Use 'font-face' and CSS3 Like The Stars
An awesome slidedeck by Adobe Typekit's Sean McBride about using CSS3's effects along with font-face to reproduce elaborate real world and print looks with your Web typography.
The Great HTML5 Mobile Gaming Performance Comparison Scirra has measured the performance of 23 combinations of browsers and devices with a real-world game test made using Construct 2, their HTML5 game creator. Surprisingly plenty of mobile configurations beat the worst desktop configurations.
Building an HTML5 Comic Book Reader
The Shapes of CSS: 34 Shapes, 1 Element An interesting collection of CSS examples for creating 34 different shapes and variants of shapes using 1 element, including pentagons, octagons, infinity symbols, and even a space invader.
Understanding CSS Filter Effects Another excellent article from HTML5 Rocks.
Leaner, Meaner, Faster Animations with requestAnimationFrame
Using window.matchMedia to Do Media Queries in JavaScript A JavaScript alternative to CSS media queries. Works in most modern browsers.
Creating Native-like User Experiences in PhoneGap With App-UI Andrew Trice shows how to use App-UI, a HTML/JavaScript framework for building native-like apps using web technologies using tools like PhoneGap.
How to Do Face Detection Using HTML5, JS, WebRTC, WebSocket, Jetty and OpenCV
HTML5 May Be Winning The War Against Apps (in Publishing) O'Reilly Radar looks at some of the recent moves in the publishing world with regards to HTML5 vs native apps.
Showing Product Information With A CSS3 3D Transform
Ben and Dion on 'Web vs. Apps'
At last week's O'Reilly Fluent HTML5 and JavaScript conference, Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer (of Ajaxian fame) gave an entertaining keynote about the battle between the Web and native apps in the modern development ecosystem.
The Importance of Chrome's Dev Tools (Paul Irish interviewed at O'Reilly Fluent)
Layout View and Responsive Mode in Firefox 16 A 2 minute screencast looking at some of the new developer tools for CSS developers in Firefox.
Using HTML5 for Game Development: A 5 Min Interview with Jesse Freeman
Creating A WebGL Game in Less Than 10 Minutes with tQuery.js
Bear CSS: A Tool For Building a Stylesheet Foundation from Your Markup A Web-based tool that generates a CSS template containing all the HTML elements, classes and IDs defined in your markup.
WebGL Enabler for iOS Safari on iOS has WebGL support but so far it's only enabled for iAds and not in the main browser. This 'workaround' enables it in all cases, though it's only for jailbroken devices. Video examples and source available.
Code and Libraries
MH5: Nokia Maps Framework for Mobile HTML5
A JS framework for quick and lightweight creation of location-based mobile web apps. You can develop your own native-like applications that benefit from Nokia's maps, search, routing, and places services.
jQuery Transit: CSS3 Animations for jQuery Include this script after jQuery on your pages and get CSS3 powered transitions and animations in certain cases.
Senior Web Technologist at Holiday Extras (UK) Do you spend your leisure time tinkering with the latest NoSQL du jour or playing with the latest AWS toy? Do you dream of big data? Is GitHub the first thing you think of when someone says the word fork? If so, Holiday Extras is looking for techies like you.
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BoomTown: One HTML5 Code Base to 1.5 Billion+ Devices
appMobi is showing off their HTML5 build technology with a single game built for iOS, Android, Chrome, and Facebook (with Kindle Fire and Nook to come) using their cloud based system.
Last but not least..
CSS Hat: Converting Photoshop Layer Styles to CSS3 Code
I try to avoid linking to things that are not yet released but this looks interesting and got a lot of buzz this week. It's a forthcoming layer styles to CSS3 converter Photoshop plugin.
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