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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 39
May 23, 2012
Welcome to issue 39 of HTML5 Weekly. If any of you are attending O'Reilly Fluent (HTML5 and JavaScript conference) next week, say hi! I'll be the British one in the blue glasses ;-) - Peter.
News and Latest Developments
Google Chrome Leapfrogs Internet Explorer as the Web's Top Browser StatCounter has data showing that Chrome has finally begun to consistently usurp IE as the most popular Web browser. Of course, it's only one set of data but a trend is visible.
Anatomy of a Hack: 6 Separate Bugs Needed to Bring Down Google Browser Ars Technica reports on an exploit that fetched a teenager hacker a $60k bounty after he tied several distinct Chrome bugs together. The Chrome team also have a technical writeup on their blog, linked within.
requestAnimationFrame API: Now With Sub-Millisecond Precision On the HTML5 Rocks site, Paul Irish shows off a feature being pushed out into Chrome 21: sub-millisecond precision for deltas given by requestAnimationFrame.
HTML5 Adaptive Images: End Of Round One Opera's Bruce Lawson summarizes the 'Great Responsive Images Brouhaha of May 2012' (mentioned in last week's HTML5 Weekly) at HTML5 Doctor.
Diving Into CSS Regions They're barely supported anywhere (yet) but this is a reasonable intro to the basics of 'CSS regions' which allow one to flow content within various sections of the page and may ultimately let us build complex, magazine-like CSS layouts more easily.
Tutorial: Animated 3D Bar Charts with CSS3
Building A Faster Web: Tools, Tips, and Lessons from Ilya Grigorik
Self-Updating Scripts Google's Steve Souders and Stoyan Stefanov wondered if there was a way to have longer cache times for third party scripts yet have resources update when necessary. They came up with a possible solution.
The Tilde (~) is an Amazing CSS Selector
Adobe Shadow in Ten Minutes A 10 minute demo of Adobe Shadow, a new inspection tool that allows front-end web devs and designers to work more efficiently by streamlining the preview process for mobile devices.
Compass2CSS: Compile Compass into CSS A Web-based tool for compiling Compass-based Sass code into regular CSS. Of course, Compass and Sass can do this for you if you have them installed, but this is aimed at people who want to do some quick conversions directly on the Web.
Code and Libraries
sipml5: The World's First HTML5 SIP Client SIP is a protocol used to control voice and video calls over IP networks (e.g. VoIP). sipml5 implements a SIP client in pure JavaScript and leans on the WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) HTML5 standard to do the heavy lifting.
Responsive Tables: Don't Let Tables Break Your Responsive Layout
ZURB is back with a new experiment, a responsive table implementation that doesn't break responsive layouts, doesn't unnecessarily hide data, and allows you to compare rows with a key column.
Aroma: A Game Creation Framework for Chrome's Native Client Aroma makes it easy to create games in the Lua programming language that can be run in Chrome using its Native Client functionality (as well as be distributed through the Chrome Web Store.) It implements parts of the popular LOVE Lua API.
Pulse: A 2D Canvas Games and Graphics Engine Pulse is an open source JavaScript graphics engine offering developers a simple framework to build HTML5 games, requiring only a few lines of JavaScript and a bit of HTML. It includes a simple to use plugin architecture allowing you to easily extend the core functionality.
WYSIHTML5 - A Better Approach to Rich Text Editing An open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology and a progressive enhancement approach. It generates valid HTML5 markup by preventing unmaintainable tag soup and inline styles.
An HTML5 JavaScript Piano (with Data URIs)
A synth written solely using HTML, JS, and CSS. It doesn't use a static audio files but generates them on the fly at byte level and converts them to files using the data URI schema. Clever!
Euphony: WebGL MIDI Visualization
Takes a while to load, but this is a cool WebGL visualization of a MIDI file being played. You can choose from lots of songs, but I went with Toccata and Fugue, one of my favorites!
tQuery Car Example
A simple yet striking WebGL demo where you get to drive a car around a basic 3D landscape. The functionality is provided by a 'car' extension for the popular three.js library.
Into Minecraft? You'll Love This Quick WebGL Demo!
A Stopwatch Using CSS3 (Without Images or Javascript)
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