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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 38
May 16, 2012
News and Latest Developments
Adobe Releases ColdFusion 10; Now Builds HTML5 Webapps
ColdFusion is a well established rapid webapp development system built by Adobe. Version 10 brings to the table the ability to easily create rich HTML5 applications without any prior HTML5 knowledge.
onGameStart 2012: HTML5 Gaming Conference in Poland in September Michal Budzynski takes the covers off the latest run of onGameStart, an HTML5 gaming conference. Registration opens in June but there's already a game-driven conference site and Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia, will be giving a keynote. Sounds awesome!
Facebook App Center Takes on Apple and Google with HTML5 and Webapps
Microsoft Bans Firefox on ARM-based Windows, Mozilla Says
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Desktop Apps with HTML5 and the Mozilla Web Runtime On the Mozilla Hacks blog, Joe Stagner shows off the 'Mozilla Apps Native Install Experience', a new feature in the Firefox nightly channel. This functionality can install and give HTML5 apps a native launching experience on Windows and OS X.
The Web Developer Toolbox: Raphael A simple introduction to the both useful and popular SVG drawing and manipulation library.
WHATWG Reveals 'srcset' Attribute for Responsive Image Choices
WTFWG The process behind the specification of the 'srcset' attribute hasn't gone entirely smoothly with members of a W3C community group tasked with finding a solution feeling slighted by WHATWG's move.
Real-Time Synchronous Multiplayer 3D Gaming with HTML5
HTML5 Audio: The State of Play A typically excellent roundup from HTML5 Doctor.
How to Create a Windows 8 HTML5 Metro-Style App: A Simple RSS Reader
Learn CSS Selectors Interactively An interactive demo of various CSS selectors applied to a generic piece of code. A downside is that only 10 general selectors are covered so far and it'd be great to see it extended to the full range.
An Intro to CSS 3D transforms: Cube An excellent mini-site by David DeSandro dedicated to CSS3's 3D transformations. I've picked an overview of a 3D 'cube' effect as a starting point but the whole site is great.
How To Build A Real-Time Commenting System A comprehensive tutorial by Phil Leggetter that walks through building a real-time commenting system using PHP, JavaScript and the Pusher WebSocket hosted service.
WebSocket Frame Inspection Now in Chrome DevTools Chrome's developer tools have long had a feature to look at HTTP requests going over the wire, but the latest Chrome Canary also lets you look at live WebSocket traffic.
Introducing Adobe Edge Preview 6 Adobe Edge is a new tool for creating animated and interactive content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Preview 6 came out in the last week and this video tours some of the new features.
Brunch: An HTML5 App Builder / Workflow Tool An 'assembler' for HTML5 applications that's agnostic to frameworks, libraries, templating languages and other backend technology. It has many uses, but it can do things like watch your files for changes and automatically wrap your scripts and templates in require.js modules, etc.
HTML Shell: Simple HTML Boilerplate Generator HTML5 Boilerplate is a popular, fully fledged boilerplate project but if you want something quick to get started with, HTML Shell provides an interesting lightweight alternative. Not without flaws, but it has its place.
Code and Libraries
CSS Only Clickjacking (using pointer-events: none)
Stats.js Updated; Now Themeable with CSS
Stats.js is a JavaScript performance monitoring box that's popular in the JavaScript graphics, demo, and game development scenes. It has just been updated with CSS theming support and the ability to select a default mode.
The Story of Send: A Google Demo
A fascinating, highly visual demo from Google that walks through the processes involved when you hit 'Send' on an e-mail in GMail. All HTML5 powered and very striking.
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