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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 36
May 2, 2012
News and Latest Developments
Opera Confirms WebKit Prefix Usage Back in issue 25 (Feb 15), I ran a whole section on the 'Webkit prefix drama.' Now, .net magazine notes Opera "will imminently implement WebKit prefixes" on CSS due to the "large number of [mobile] websites designed exclusively for WebKit".
Financial Times to Discontinue iOS Apps, Move to HTML5 In what seems to be a growing trend, the FT are closing down their iPhone and iPad apps and moving users over to HTML5 alternatives. The FT should be at O'Reilly Fluent's Business of JavaScript event talking about this too.
Appliness Issue #2 Now Out: A Front-End Web Dev Magazine Appliness is an iPad and Android based magazine for front-end Web developers. Issue 2 is now out and includes articles about CSS Regions, drag and drop with jQuery UI, App-UI, and HTML5 multimedia components.
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Why O, Why? Thoughts on Opera's Implementation of WebKit's Prefixes David Kaneda shares his (rather extensive) thoughts on the Opera news (above).
Nook and Emscripten: A Technical Look at C++ Game Dev in the Browser
Real-World Example of the HTML5 FileSystem API Raymond Camden shows how to use the HTML5 FileSystem API with an example that downloads a ZIP file, unzips it and caches the asset contents locally for quick access.
State of the Browser 2012 Andi Smith recently attended 'State of the Browser 2012', a one day event in London. Here, he shares some of what went on and the main topics of the day. There's an interesting diagram that shows how confusing the definition of 'HTML5' can be.
Develop HTML5 Windows Phone Apps with Apache Cordova Apache Cordova is the engine behind PhoneGap, a framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications using HTML5 and JavaScript. This tutorial shows how to use it to build a Windows Phone app.
HTML5 Games: Optimizing Your Game Loop The first of a pair of posts digging into techniques for optimizing a game loop using the browser profiling tools in Firefox, Chrome and IE.
Debugging Web Workers with Chrome Developer Tools Web Workers are JavaScript scripts that run in the background, independently of the main thread of execution. In this post on the Chromium blog, we learn that Chrome Developer Tools now supports debugging Web Workers.
CSS Triangles + Animations = Pie Chart Spinner An interesting writeup and demo of using CSS to build a 'spinner' in the style of a pie chart.
Front End Performance Case Study: GitHub
requestAnimationFrame For Silky Smooth JavaScript Animation If you've ever tried to create an animation or game loop in JavaScript by hand, you may have leaned on the setTimeout or setInterval functions. But 'requestAnimationFrame' has many advantages - learn more here.
CSS Tricks for HTML5 Canvas Games
A Rundown of CSS3 Units and Their Uses Johnny Simpson has dug into the CSS3 'units' specifications and shows off some of the more unusual ones here, along with which browsers support them.
The Awesome 'background-attachment: local' Web standards guru Lea Verou demonstrates how to implement 'scrolling shadows' in pure CSS using the little known 'background-attachment' CSS property.
Paul Irish on Tooling and The Webapp Development Stack Paul Irish (Modernizr, HTML5 Boilerplate) recently gave a talk, shared here, about improving productivity and reducing stress by having a good front-end toolchain for Web development tasks.
8 Videos from WebGL Camp Orlando WebGL Camp Orlando was a WebGL-oriented event that took place in March and all 8 sessions can now be watched on YouTube. Topics include "The State of WebGL" through to "WebGL for Baby Brains: Neuroimaging in the Browser"!
AudioSpank: An Audio-Only Multiplayer Online Game AudioSpank is an audio only massively multiplayer online first person shooter. Using only sound effects, you will have to find the other players. It works in Firefox and Chrome only.
HTML5 Audio Read-Along Demo A demo of an HTML5-powered 'read along' mechanism with a Biblical text and an audio readthrough.
Nomo Racer - 3D Multiplayer Game (WebGL + WebSocket) A multiplayer Gran Turismo-style (a bit of a stretch, but c'mon..!) game entirely in the browser. The multiplayer part didn't work for me but the graphics were impressive on their own to me.
Bubble Tronic: Free iOS Game Built Using HTML5 and JavaScript
Last but not least..
CSS Summit 2012: An Online Conference (Jul 31 - Aug 2) A forthcoming 3 day online conference focused on CSS3, Sass and related technologies. It costs money, but it's essentially a full on 3 day masterclass in all things CSS with some great speakers.
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