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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 35
April 25, 2012
News and Latest Developments
An Update to Site Identity in Desktop Firefox on the Way
A look at some interesting changes to Firefox's address bar that are now in Firefox nightly builds and planned for general release in July. The biggest tweak is that favicons will no longer be shown in the address bar.
Firefox 12 Released: A Small Step Forward Continuing on the rush to Firefox 99, Firefox 12 brings line numbers to Page Source views and Windows now gets a permissions-free update service. In CSS news, it also adds support for the 'text-align-last' CSS property.
Firefox for Mobile Progress Report It looks like the work Firefox is doing to have a better native and mobile-focused UI on mobile devices is coming along well.
From our sponsor..
O'Reilly Fluent: A JavaScript and HTML5 Conference in SF Next Month
I'm co-chairing a new O'Reilly conference all about JavaScript and HTML5! Our program has been announced and we have speakers like Rob Hawkes, Alex MacCaw, Brendan Eich, Amy Hoy, Lea Verou, Paul Irish and Steve Souders sharing what they know. It's in San Francisco on May 29-31 and code 'HTML5' gets you a 20% discount.
Submissions are still being accepted for our Ignite event (a lightning talk format) and our Startup Showcase, so if you're doing something interest or your startup uses JavaScript, feel free to apply!
An Outline of Modern Web Development: The WebKit Inspector The first in a series of posts by Majd Taby that outlines a modern Web development toolchain. He starts with a dive into the WebKit Inspector and its many tools.
Cursor/Caret Navigation in Web Applications Michael Bolin explains in length the (surprising) challenges involved in merely keeping the text insertion cursor in the right place dynamically. Deep reading.
The Pointer Lock API Pointer Lock, the API formerly known as 'Mouse Lock', is on its way to Firefox and WebKit. The key use is to allow developers to continue to access mouse events even when the cursor goes past the boundary of the browser or screen (think games or mapping).
Facebook's HTML5 Site Has 2X Users of its iOS and Android Apps Combined I found it tricky to work out what was fact or conjecture in this article at TechCrunch, but it seems Facebook is keen to push browser manufacturers along in their implementation of HTML5 standards.
Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design A walk through building an 'adaptive Web experience' that's designed for mobile-first, using HTML5 of course ;-) As always, great content from HTML5 Rocks.
Accessing the Accelerometer in a Windows 8 Metro App using HTML and JS
HTML5 Offers 'Scoped' CSS for Precision Styling Over at Webmonkey, Scott Gilbertson looks at 'scoped CSS' which is now supported in the latest Canary builds of Chrome.
Everything You Never Knew About CSS Floats
Watching and Listening
Lostcast: Interview with the Creator of ImpactJS A podcast interview with Dominic Szablewski, the creator of popular JavaScript and HTML5 gaming framework 'Impact.' It's 45 minutes long and of particular interest if you're into HTML5 game development.
Code and Libraries
Storage.js: Simple HTML5 Page Editing A jQuery plugin for simple HTML5 page edits that uses the HTML5 contenteditable attribute along with localStorage for working with on-page editable content.
idb.filesystem.js: Bringing the HTML5 Filesystem API to More Browsers
Gladius: A New Modular 3D Game Engine for the Web from Mozilla
Pure CSS 3D Bar Graph
CSSDeck: A Site That Collects Creative CSS Creations
Bkom Robot Game: An HTML5 Game Demo
An incredibly slick HTML5 powered platform game. Well, there's not much game to it, but it performs well, looks great, and really shows off the potential of both HTML5 games and Bkom's engine.
Sway: An Impressive Demoscene-style Demo in 4KB
Uses an interesting technique of encoding the source code into a PNG which is then turned into code. Clever stuff here. (Warning: It slows down your browser for several seconds while doing its initial calculations.)
A Non-WebGL HTML5 Quake 3 Map Viewer Interesting primarily because it doesn't use WebGL at all. All software rendered onto an HTML5 canvas element (along with the expected performance hit).
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