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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 32
April 4, 2012
News and Latest Developments
Internet Explorer Market Share Surges? Contrary to the data from StatCounter, linked in last week's H5W, WebMonkey notes that IE is actually growing in popularity and explains where the discrepancy in the figures comes from.
Ten W3C HTML5 Drafts Updated Got some time for reading? The HTML Working Group has published ten updated working drafts of the HTML5 specification, HTML5 vs HTML4, HTML Microdata, and more. One for completionists only.
HTML5 Scorecard: The New iPad and iOS 5.1 — A Mixed Bag HTML5 developer tools company Sencha does its latest 'HTML5 scorecard' review of the 'New iPad' running iOS 5.1. Overall, it doesn't score much better than the iPad 2 it seems.
Canvas v5 API Gets Path Primitives, Ellipses, Dashed Lines, and More Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML specification, unveils some additions to the Canvas 2D API. Don't expect these in the mainstream just yet but it's interesting to see what's coming along.
How to Drag and Drop and Automatically Send to the Server Over on the always excellent HTML5 Doctor, Remy Sharp demonstrates how to use several APIs to implement an HTML5-based drag and drop file uploader, including the complete upload and upload progress section.
Tutorial: Developing HTML5 Canvas Games for Facebook with JavaScript Manuel Kiessling kicks off a series about building a Canvas-based game in JavaScript from absolute basics.
Content Flow in CSS3 Regions
SVG Stacks Imagine stacking a pile of icons on top of each other in an SVG file and then using CSS to turn different ones on and off at will. It can be done.. sort of.. and in Firefox. An interesting idea for the future at least.
webStorage: Persistent Client-Side Data Storage A high level look at the sessionStorage and localStorage APIs by John Allsopp. If you're already using them, skip this, but if not, it's a good primer.
Color input, the Network Information API and Chromium 20 Peter Beverloo continues his weekly series of new features in Chromium (the far cutting edge of Chrome). This week, Chromium hits version 20, gets a new 'color' input type, and an implementation of the Network Information API which lets pages get details of the current network connection.
Writing a Multiplayer Game with HTML5 Canvas, Node.js, and The first part of a three part tutorial looking at how has used Canvas and Node to produce a cross-platform game with realtime multiplayer.
WebGL Inspector: A WebGL Debugging Toolkit WebGL Inspector is a tool with the goal of making the development of advanced WebGL applications easier. What Firebug and Developer Tools are to HTML/JS, WebGL Inspector claims to be for WebGL.
WebGL Cheat Sheet A handy list of WebGL functions and constant values. Not for beginners as you'll need to know the terminology long before you start using this.
Remote Debugging in Firefox Mobile Some work that allows you to debug JavaScript code on Web pages running on Firefox Mobile. Add breakpoints, step through code, track the stack and variable values from the experimental script debugger in Firefox Nightly on the desktop.
Code and Libraries
pep.jquery.js: Kinetic Drag on Mobile and Desktop Pep was built out of a need for kinetic drag support for both mobile and desktop devices (click and drag). It uses jQuery and CSS3 animations to bring full-blown 'kinetic drag' to HTML5-ready environments.
An Animated CSS3 Loading Bar (Code and Demo)
Gaussian Blur and CSS3/SVG A look at different gaussian blur effects on images and their pros and cons.
OpenWorm Browser A WebGL demo that lets you navigate around a 3D worm and see different levels of its internal structure.
Last but not least..
WebKit.js: Browser Inception is Now (Not) Possible You missed out on any April Fools' Day action from HTML5 Weekly but the Badass JavaScript blog was on the case with Webkit.js, a supposed port of the Webkit renderer to JavaScript..
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