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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 31
March 28, 2012
Welcome to issue 31 of HTML5 Weekly! I've been ill for the last week and I'm travelling this week so this is a much shorter 'running at half service' issue than usual. Back to full steam next week, hopefully :-)
News and Latest Developments
BrowserQuest: A Massively Multiplayer HTML5 Experiment
BrowserQuest is a tribute to classic Zelda-style games with a multiplayer twist. It uses WebSockets, Canvas and several other HTML5 technologies to do its thing and, even better, it's fully open source.
Speed and Mobility: An Approach for HTTP 2.0 to Make the Web Faster Rob Mauceri of Microsoft says that face to face meetings are beginning at the IETF this week about approaching the development of HTTP 2.0. Microsoft will be submitting a proposal for "HTTP Speed+Mobility." It's essentially an evolution of SPDY with a mobile focus.
Chrome Beats IE Market Share.. For One Day
PDF.js powered built-in PDF support added to Firefox nightly
From Our Sponsor
CSS Regions: One Year In On Adobe's Web Platform Team Blog, Vincent Hardy looks at Adobe's original 'CSS Regions' proposal for bringing high quality, print-like styling to the Web, and how it has eventually branched out into other standards. It seems WebKit browsers and IE10 are the best ways to play with this for now.
The Top 5 Cross Platform Web Video Players .net Magazine takes a look at 5 different HTML5 video players which have various (often Flash) fallbacks to work across different platforms.
Adobe WebKit Hackathon Summary Last week, Adobe's Web Platform team hosted an internal 3 day hackathon focused on prototyping new features, fixing bugs and adding tests to the WebKit renderer. Here's a writeup of some of what they did.
Content Folding using CSS Regions
Cache Them If You Can Steve Souders, performance expert at Google, notes that 'the fastest HTTP request is the one not made' before sharing some insights into the role of caching in delivering fast Web pages and how it's actually being used in the real world.
Writing Chrome Extensions From Dr. Dobb's comes an article showing off how to write an extension for Google's Chrome browser. Once you get past the files required, it's pretty simple.
My JS1K Entry: Making Music with the Audio Data API Toby Ho presents an awesome code driven analysis of his 979 byte music generation code (which, sadly, didn't meet JS1K rules so was disqualified).
Code and Libraries
Foresight.js: Adaptive Image Support Foresight.js judges if a user's device and connection is suitable for high-resolution images and requests the appropriate image for the situation. The README explains the idea in depth.
Maintaining CSS Style States using 'Infinite' Transition Delays An interesting game and D-pad themed demo of using an 'infinite' transition delay to stop CSS rules returning to their default state. Or in layman's terms? Move a sprite around with buttons yet only by using CSS :-) Clever.
Envision: Fast, Dynamic and Interactive HTML5 Visualizations Envision.js is a library for creating fast, dynamic and interactive HTML5 visualizations. I love the bite size demos and clean code here.
Spedye: Reverse Proxy for HTTPS and SPDY Protocols
CSS 3D Clouds
A visually impressive experiment of creating 3d-like clouds using CSS3 3D Transforms and a little JavaScript. Works on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Electric Potential Pong A simple pong game built in Processing.js (with source). The twist is the ball is influenced by an electrical field in the background. Worth it to get a look at some processing.js source at least.
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