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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 3
September 7, 2011
Welcome to issue 3 of HTML5 Weekly. Some particularly impressive demos in the 'Demos' section today, if you're in the mood for a bit of game- and graphics-related entertainment.
News and Latest Developments
Strobe Launches Game-Changing HTML5 App Platform TechCrunch's Sarah Perez reports on a new platform for building HTML5-based webapps for desktops, smartphones and tablets that's been released by Strobe, a company so far famed for its work on the SproutCore framework.
HTML5 is the #1 Job Trend on is a popular job search engine and they've noted that as of mid 2011, HTML5 is their #1 top job trend. Seems like a good time to be looking for an HTML5-related job. Let's just hope it's not a buzzword everyone will drop into their job ads..
HTML5 Live Conference - New York City - Nov 1, 2011 HTML5 Live is an HTML5 conference aimed at webapp developers and architects working with HTML5-related technologies. It takes place in NYC on November 1st, with a London, UK edition on October 19th.
Articles and Tutorials
How To Make A Simple HTML5 Canvas-Based Game
A super simple tutorial on the basics of building an HTML5 Canvas-powered game by the folks who created OnSlaught! Arena, an HTML5 and JavaScript game currently selling on the Mac App Store.
Calculated Drop Shadows in HTML5 Canvas
Chris Heilmann, principal evangelist at Mozilla for HTML5, shows off how to create a live drop shadow calculation effect using live examples with inline code boxes. Simple stuff but an effective walkthrough.
Fieldrunners: Playing to the Strengths of HTML5 Audio and Web Audio
Mike Pennisi of Bocoup talks about HTML5 Audio and Chrome's support for 'Web Audio' and how they're relevant in Bocoup's ongoing port of the popular FieldRunners tower defense game.
Block Level Links and Accessibility in HTML5 In HTML5, links are now allowed to contain block level elements. In HTML 4, only inline elements were allowed. What does this mean for accessibility? Roger Johansson of 456 Berea Street explains.
The One Web: Don't Write for Devices, Write for People In the UK's .net magazine, JavaScript guru Addy Osmani evangelizes the 'One Web' idea where developers should, ideally, focus on using open technologies everyone can use rather than building 'native' experiences using proprietary technologies.
HTML5 and Friends: Today and Tomorrow A simple slide-based presentation by Paul Rouget (a Firefox engineer) that lays out the HTML5 technologies of today and tomorrow, including speech input, WebUSB handlers, and near-field communication.
LibCanvas Basics: The Practice One in a series of tutorials covering how to use LibCanvas, a framework for working with Canvas elements and related functionality (like mouse events, drag/drop and image preloading).
Unleash the Power of Hardware-Accelerated HTML5 Canvas
Detecting and Generating CSS Animations in JavaScript
Radi: Animation and Realtime HTML5 Graphics Creation on the Mac Radi is a Mac app that can produce video, animation, and realtime graphics content for the Web using HTML5 technologies. The beta is free.
responsivepx: Find The Tricky Breakpoints For Your Responsive Designs Enter the URL to your site (local or online) and use the controls to adjust the width and height of your viewport to find exact breakpoint sizes in pixels. Then use that information in your media queries to create a responsive design.
When Can I Use.. Modern Browser Tech Compatibility Tables An oldie but a goldie. If you want to get a feel for which HTML5, CSS3, or other advanced browser technology features are available in which browsers, this is a good place to start.
Code and Libraries
Baker: An HTML5-Powered E-Book Framework
Baker is an attractive, open source HTML5 e-book framework for publishing interactive books and magazines on both the iPad and iPhone using HTML5's open Web standards.
Yet More CSS3 Buttons (But These Are Good)
I don't want to dumb down this newsletter too much but this new 'CSS3 buttons' implementation is cross platform and struck me enough that I thought I could get away with it ;-)
Kendo UI: A Modern HTML5 UI Framework Kendo UI is a HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (using jQuery) based framework for building elegant user interfaces. It's designed for both desktop (as far back as IE6) and mobile use. The site has plenty of demos.
gitgraph.js: Convert a Git Log Graph to an HTML5 Canvas Image
Tech Demos
Emberwind: A WebGL-based Platform Game by Opera
An incredibly impressive 2.5D platform game built using (very readable) JavaScript and WebGL. It both looks and performs great and provides an interesting model of the current potential of HTML5 gaming.
Mozilla Labs DemoParty 2011 Entries A collection of ~100 'demos' entered into Mozilla's DemoParty 2011 contest. Essentially, it's a lot of intriguing and often downright weird HTML5, CSS3, and sometimes WebGL powered demos designed to blow your mind. There are a lot of tricks to be picked up here.
HTML5 Quake 3 Map Viewer (in pure Canvas, no WebGL)
The Evolution of the Web An attractive visualization of the history of Web technologies and Web browsers that is, itself, presented using HTML5.
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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