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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 26
February 21, 2012
Welcome to issue 26 of HTML5 Weekly.
News and Latest Developments
Introducing HTML5 Game Development by Jesse Freeman
This latest O'Reilly publication digs into the Impact HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript game engine. Learn about game design and building a simple game from start to end, including adding sound, HUDs and debugging. (Not an affiliate link, by the way :-))
Firefox's 2012 Roadmap for Developer Tools Mozilla's developer tools manager Kevin Dangoor puts last week's Firefox 2012 roadmap into context by outlining his view of Firefox's 2012 roadmap for developer tools in particular.
StackMob Launches Hosted HTML5 Service StackMob is a cloud-based platform for hosting fully featured HTML5 apps for desktop and mobile devices in one place. What does StackMob add to just hosting it yourself? CDNs, extra APIs, analytics, notifications services, social integration, API creation, and more.
Encrypted Media Extensions: A New Draft Proposal for Browsers Developers from Google, Microsoft and Netflix have written an unofficial draft for a standard to enable playback of protected content in the browser through license/key exchange.
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Articles and Tutorials
Saving Images and Files in localStorage Mozilla's Robert Nyman looks at how to store files in the browser's localStorage object (once a part of the HTML5 spec). Interesting because localStorage only supports strings so there's some work to do.
The Revenge of the IE Box Model? Jeff Kaufman notes that when Microsoft released its CSS1 support, its box model was, well, probably better than that we know (and barely love) in CSS today. Some background.
Alex Russell on the CSS Vendor Prefix Debate Google Chrome developer Alex Russell provides some context and analysis of last week's CSS vendor prefix debate (as covered in HTML5 Weekly). An excellent winding up.
Sub-pixel Rendering and the CSS Object Model in IE 10 Over at the IEBlog, Microsoft's Travis Leithead describes the changes made in Internet Explorer 10 to better support sub-pixel positioning through the CSS object model.
Use Elements as Backgrounds in Firefox with -moz-element David Walsh shows off a surprising Mozilla specific CSS property that lets you use HTML elements as the background for another element. I wonder what the motivation for this was.
Bootswatch: Themed Swatches for Twitter Bootstrap As Twitter Bootstrap's popularity continues to grow, the tools and third party services for it are also increasing. Bootswatch provides a handy set of color themes to make your Bootstrap install look a little more unique.
StyleBootstrap: Online Tool to Create Unique Bootstrap Designs Yep, more Twitter Bootstrap here! This time it's a live updating tool to visually customize a Bootstrap setup. I'm not a big fan of the tool's own layout but it's very handy nonetheless.
Code and Libraries
jQuery HTML5 Fullscreen Slideshows This jQuery plugin creates fullscreen galleries where the slides are shown full screen using the full screen APIs provided by Firefox 10+ and Chrome 15+ with fallbacks for others.
'Fluid Simulation with Turing Patterns' by Felix Woitzel
I can't say much beyond "if your browser can do WebGL, go see this now!" An excellent interactive visualization. Heavy on the CPU though.
Quake 3 WebGL Demo Takes a Leap Forward
The popular WebGL-powered Quake 3-a-like demo gets some improvements with its jQuery dependency being removed, initial game pad API support and improved full screen support. Excellent stuff. Now we just need some bots ;-)
Live Tracking a Football and Players with HTML5 and JavaScript
HTML5: Top 10 CSS3 Animations A simple list post linking to 10 CSS3 animation based demos.
7 Photo Editors Created Using HTML5
Last but not least..
Mobile: Don't Break the Web - A Slide Deck An interesting slide deck from Estelle Weyl looking at some tools and best practices for working with resource-constrained mobile platforms as a Web developer.
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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