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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 245 — June 22, 2016
Adam Simpson
A look at ‘how to harness the machines’ to help you with your front-end dev work using Grunt, Gulp, Webpack and npm scripts, along with examples of how and why each is used.

Pavels Jelisejevs
How to use new properties and values from upcoming CSS specifications today using the PostCSS tool.

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Learn to build your own AngularJS chat app with realtime messages and more in no time. View Tutorial.


Ivan Shubin
How do we make sure a site’s layout stays responsive and displays correctly on all kinds of devices with various resolutions? Here’s one solution.

A practical proof of concept design / proposal to persist sessions using Service Workers.

Matt Giuca
A proposed API for sharing data (text, URLs, images) from the web to an app of the user’s choosing.


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