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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 237 — April 27, 2016
Louis Lazaris
What are the bare elements you need and how can they come together? Originally published in 2013 but updated for 2016.

Mathias Bynens
A focus on security-sensitive situations in which performance can actually be a bug rather than a feature.

Stefan Lederer
The future of video on the web looks bright. In the future, we won’t need multiple formats, nor (obviously) Flash. HTML5 MPEG-DASH streaming is coming.

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Pavels Jelisejevs
Pavels explores how PostCSS (the CSS post-processor) can help improve and maintain your CSS quality with code linting and analysis.

Geoff Phillips
HTML support in email clients continues to improve (very slowly) meaning you can now produce simple ‘carousels’ with fallback options, given enough code and patience.

Karolina Szczur
A look at up-to-date front-end tooling as well as alternative approaches to compiling, building and automation that emphasize the human side of teamwork.


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