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Should HTML Be Modular or a Monolith?
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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 235 — April 13, 2016
A post to the HTML WG mailing list asking: “Should we move the content of specs like Shadow DOM and Custom Elements into HTML, or continue with the goal of more modular specifications?”

Bing’s crawlers scanned 1.2 million pages and the Global CSS Property Usage page lets you see which CSS properties and value types are most common.

Georgie Luhur
The figure and figcaption elements are two semantic elements often used together that define or describe self-contained content.

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Frontend Masters

Soledad Penadés
The MediaRecorder API lets you record media streams, i.e. moving images & audio.

Krasimir Tsonev
An interesting idea. Coloor is an HTML preprocessor that decorates img tags with a low-res base64 version of the final image.

Interactive Advertising Bureau
A new tool for analyzing the contents of HTML5-built ads against the IAB’s Display Creative Guidance.

Mozilla Hacks
Subresource Integrity (SRI) lets you specify the SHA-2 hash for third party assets so browsers can check resources haven’t been tampered with.

Oliver Lindberg
An article about the inventor of CSS who says it helped to save the Web and HTML, as well as what he thinks about its recent progress.


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