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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 234 — April 6, 2016
Leonie Watson
HTML5 was released in 2014, but now the Web Platform Working Group (WP WG) is working towards an HTML5.1 release in the next six months.

A tool to visualize and analyze the API overlap between standards specifications and support across Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

A new browser for devs to get an early look at upcoming technologies in Safari, including layouts, visual effects, and dev tool improvements.

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Chris House
A comprehensive guide to Grid, as things stand in the latest spec. Grid is a 2D, grid-based layout system that may change the way we build grid-based Web UIs.

Robin Wauters
Opera’s former CEO is behind the effort along with a rather extensive team. The interface is built using JavaScript and React.

Aaron Gustafson
An explanation of how an idea becomes a specification at the W3C.

Scott Lininger
Uses WebGL and voxels rendering to create a pixel-perfect replica of the original, all in JavaScript. (Check it out before Nintendo take it down?)

Robin Linus
A demo of all the data your browser can figure out or provide about you — without asking you for any permission.


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