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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 23
February 1, 2012
Welcome to both February and issue 23 of HTML5 Weekly. I'm still working hard on preparing my new Status Code newsletter this week so let's get straight to the stories! - Peter.
News and Latest Developments
Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 Released Twitter has unveiled a dramatically evolved version of their popular 'Bootstrap' Web page boilerplate and UI component framework.
Firefox 10 Released - Adds Powerful New Developer Tools Mozilla has released Firefox 10 to the general release channel. It includes new developer tools which are shown off in a screencast on this news post. The best bit? You can now right click on page elements and 'Inspect Element' in a similar way to Chrome or Safari.
WebGL Implementation for Xperia (Android) Phones Made Open Source
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Articles and Tutorials
Why HTML5 Doesn't Need 'comment' or 'ad' Tags Over on the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) mailing list, Shaun Moss argued that the HTML5 spec could do with 'comment' and 'ad' tags. Ian Hickson's response illustrates why it doesn't need them.
Using the Fullscreen API in Web Browsers
The State Of HTML5 Video An analysis of the state of HTML5 video and its support across different browsers and platforms with what formats, tags, and accessibility features are also supported.
The Brand New CSS4 Selectors Specification The CSS4 specification is already in the early stages of being written and Johnny Simpson deftly explains and demonstrates some of the new element selector features.
How Lanyrd Uses HTML5 for a Great Mobile Web App
An In-Depth Analysis of HTML5 Multimedia and Accessibility In a tutorial for NetTuts+, Ian Devlin primarily looks at how to use WebVTT to do subtitling on HTML5 videos. He also has a quick look at improving the accessibility of custom controls.
Porting an OpenGL Application to the Web and WebGL Ehsan Akhgari is working on an OpenGL translation layer based on WebGL that will allow Emscripten ports of C/C++ code to JavaScript to use OpenGL features in the browser.
Using the Vibration API (Part of WebAPI) As part of Mozilla's WebAPI effort, they've been developing the Vibration API, an API to send users of supporting devices a notification via a vibration. Currently it only works using Firefox Aurora on Android phones.
One Reason Why HTML5 Gaming is Limping Along Christian Heilmann argues that porting games to HTML5 from other technologies is hurting the cause and that we need more games built from scratch using Web technologies.
The Reality of HTML5 Game Development and Making Money From It
Videos and Presentations
The Edge of HTML5 (A Slide Deck) Eric Bidelman of Google shows off a ton of stuff from the 'bleeding edge' of HTML5 and related technologies, including typed arrays, scoped styles, new CSS functions, CSS regions, new DOM functions, and the Mouse Lock API.
Responsive Design Testing Bookmarklet View any Web page in multiple screen sizes (to simulate the viewport of different devices) using a single bookmarklet. A simple but clever idea using IFRAMEs.
Pictos Server: Custom-Built Icon Fonts for your Site Want icons on your site without the headache of packaging up graphics files? Pick from any of the 650 icons in the Pictos library, build a font, and then embed it direct font-face style. It's a commercial service but there is a free plan.
Code and Libraries
Arctext.js: Curving Text with CSS3 and jQuery
While CSS3 can rotate individual letters, it's complicated to arrange an entire row of letters along a curved path. Arctext.js is a jQuery plugin that does this for you and the results look great.
Zocial CSS Social Buttons
An entire set of full vector buttons using font-face icons. They degrade gracefully, are open source, and can be customized to your heart's content.
Soft, Customizable 'Pressure' Buttons with just CSS
Some slick 'soft' looking, purely CSS buttons from Johnny Simpson. It's great what a bit of box-shadow can do.
Some HTML5 and CSS3 Snippets WebInterfaceLab presents code snippets for 6 attractive UI elements, including a calendar, progress bars, and some navigation bars. A bit of a random grab bag.
MorningStar: A Step-Sequenced Bassline Synthesizer (in JS and Canvas)
Project Blaze Zero: A Smooth, Good Looking Vertical Shooter Game
Last but not least..
Learn HTML and CSS: A Book That Teaches In A Slick Visual Way
I've not seen this book in the flesh, but "HTML & CSS" looks like an interesting attempt at teaching HTML and CSS in a very visual way, backed up with good graphic design and photography. Not what you usually expect from technical books.
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