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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 22
January 25, 2012
Welcome to issue 22 of HTML5 Weekly! After last week's gigantic bumper issue, a skinnier one this week as I've been on the road for the last couple of days :-) Thanks for your understanding! - Peter
Headlines and News
HTML5 Please: Use the New and Shiny Responsibly
The folks behind HTML5 Boilerplate and Modernizer present HTML5 Please, a one-stop shop for looking up which HTML5 and CSS3 features are ready for use on today's browsers (or which can be used via polyfills).
Introducing the Kendo UI Mobile Beta Kendo UI Mobile provides a framework of native UI widgets for building HTML5-powered apps and sites that have a native look and feel across multiple mobile platforms.
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Articles and Tutorials
Easy HTML5 Animations in iBooks using Tumult Hype and iBooks Author Last week Apple announced iBooks Author, a tool to build interactive textbooks for the iPad. Here, Daniel Morgan demonstrates how to use the HTML5 animation tool Tumult Hype to create animations that will work within the iBooks Author tool.
HTML5 Canvas and Processing.JS Processing is a language and IDE for building visually oriented programs and processing.js is a JavaScript equivalent using the HTML5 Canvas. In this article, Joey Cadle goes step by step through the basics of using Processing.js to work with the canvas.
An Introduction to the HTML5 Gamepad API ActiveTuts presents a fine introduction (complete with demo and source) of using the HTML5 Gamepad API, as supported in the currently nightly builds of Firefox and Chromium. Cutting edge stuff but coming to the masses soon..
The Paste Wasteland (or Why the onPaste Event is a Mess) The creator of Hopper (linked in last week's HTML5 Weekly) explains how he made Hopper's automatic detection and processing of pasted content into a Web browser work across different browsers.
Cross Browser CSS Cursor Images In Depth A cool tutorial about the possibilities of using CSS's 'cursor' property to render custom mouse cursor images in a cross platform manner.
How to Spice Up Your Menu with CSS3
Sliding Image Panels with CSS3
Videos and Presentations
Steve Souders on High Performance HTML5
In this presentation at QCon San Francisco 2011, Steve Souders discusses the impact of Web site speed on users providing advice on creating high performance HTML5 applications. It's almost an hour long and you get slides too. A lot of useful info here from a renowned expert.
What's New in HTML5 Media A very detailed and demo-driven presentation of both new and existing HTML5 media elements and controls by Eric Bidelman of Google. A lot to enjoy here.
TileMill 0.9 Released: Building Beautiful Maps with HTML5 and JS
TileMill is an app for building attractive map systems using HTML5 and JavaScript under the hood. Version 0.9 has just been released which adds full support for Windows and a plugin system.
Radi v0.8: Update of the Powerful, OS X HTML5 Animation and Graphics Editor
Code and Libraries
HTML5/JS Command and Conquer Clone Now Open Sourced In last week's HTML5 Weekly I linked to a demo of a Command and Conquer (a popular 90s strategy game) clone built on HTML5 and JavaScript. The creator has now open sourced it on GitHub.
Video.js 3.0 Released: The HTML5 Video Player Version 3.0 of the popular Video.js is a complete re-write that now includes a common API to both HTML5 and Flash, an HTML/CSS skin that works for both HTML5 and Flash, and free CDN hosting.
QuickGrapher: An HTML5 Equation Solver and Grapher, Now Open Sourced
Resumable.js: Multiple Simultaneous Resumable Uploads via the HTML5 File API
The Top 20 HTML5 Games
.Net magazine does a roundup of 20 HTML5 games, complete with screenshots, links and explanations. I hadn't seen at least half of these and they're all slick, high quality choices. "World's Biggest PAC-MAN" is particularly crazy.
CSS1K: What Can Be Done In 1KB of CSS? A project to show off what can be done with a mere 1 kilobyte of CSS on a pre-defined HTML page. Lots of examples to see and they're accepting submissions too.
Last but not least..
A Bumper List of HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills A large, but handy, list of shims, fallbacks, and polyfills that can reproduce HTML5 features in browsers that don't natively support them. Need SVG, WebSQL, WebForms, animated PNG, or more? You'll find a library to do it in this list.
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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