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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 20
January 11, 2012
Welcome to issue 20 of HTML5 Weekly. A bumper week for HTML5 news and tutorials, as well as some slightly older items finishing the catchup from the New Year's break :-) - Peter.
News and Latest Developments
The US Says Goodbye to IE6; Drops Below 1% Market Share
The Windows IE blog revels with an almost perverse glee at the news that US-based Internet Explorer 6 usage has dropped below 1%. Let's hope the Web is a better place for it.
Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari Go Head to Head The popular Toms Hardware site pits Chrome 16, Firefox 9, IE 9, Opera 11.60, and Safari 5.1 against each other in a performance shoot out on both OS X and Windows 7. Firefox took the crown on Windows and Safari on OS X.
AT&T Unveils an API for Carrier-Agnostic HTML5 Webapps for Smartphones
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Articles and Tutorials
Getting Started with HTML5 Geolocation In an excerpt from 'The HTML5 Cookbook' Christopher Deutsch and Marc Grabanski explain how to access the W3C Geolocation API and what you can do with the data it provides.
Profiling CSS for Fun and Profit: Optimization Notes A delightfully deep look at monitoring and analyzing the performance of CSS selectors using both WebKit and Opera's style profilers. This is heavy stuff but the rendering performance gains are very appealing.
7 Things Still Missing From CSS Web design guru Molly Holzschlag asked some of the leading lights in the industry about what they perceived as the most frustrating aspects of CSS. Here's a round up of the top 7 'missing features.'
Procedural Textures on the HTML5 Canvas
Kas Thomas has created a simple browser based tool for creating 'textures' procedurally using JavaScript and HTML5's canvas element. In this post, he shows off some interesting results from using it.
How to Create HTML5 Apps for the Windows Phone using PhoneGap
New Features in Recent Chromium and WebKit Commits Peter Beverloo picks some choice developments from 680 WebKit and 986 Chromium commits made since Christmas. For the developers amongst us, the Web Inspector tool gets a new CSS selector profiler as well as support for source mapping through the X-SourceMap HTTP header.
Adventures In The Third Dimension: CSS 3-D Transforms
Peter Gasston looks at CSS3's '3D transforms' - already established in Safari and Chrome but coming to Firefox and IE soon. Want to rotate your elements through the full 3 dimensions? Read this.
Watch Your @font-face font-weight Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks points out a common snag when embedding Google Web Fonts - not respecting the specific type weights available and ending up with muddy bold type.
Behind the Scenes of 'Cut the Rope' An interesting writeup and 'behind the scenes' interview about the development of Microsoft and ZeptoLab's HTML5 game, 'Cut the Rope' (linked elsewhere in this newsletter).
Initializr - Start Your HTML5 Project in 15 Seconds Initializr is an HTML5 template generator to help you start a new HTML5 Web project, all based on the HTML5 Boilerplate. Initializr generates a clean customizable template with just what you need to start, including responsive features.
The HTML5 Test: How Well Does Your Browser Support HTML5? We featured it back in issue 1 but the popular HTML5 Test page has been updated with new elements of the HTML5 specification. It now marks your browser out of 475 points vs the old 450.
An Updated of Chromium Command Line Switches for Developers
Code and Libraries
CSS3 Progress Bars (in 6 Styles)
Josh Sullivan has created some attractive non-native CSS3 progress bars (no JavaScript required). They look great and work across platforms, including on iOS.
Cross Browser HTML5 Progress Bars In Depth Zoltan, the 'User Agent Man', takes a different approach to progress bars with the HTML5 'progress' tag which renders a native-style progress bar on multiple platforms. He then styles them in various ways, including as a speedometer! Interesting experiments.
Fbootstrapp: Toolkit to Kickstart Development of Facebook IFRAME Apps
WebGLGap: Enabling WebGL Support in PhoneGap? PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform for building native apps using Web technologies. WebGLGap is a PhoneGap plugin that aims to provide WebGL support so that high performance HTML5 games can become a reality. It's still experimental and half baked at this stage though.
Pure JS and HTML5 Canvas Bilinear Image Interpolation
Skeleton: Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development
Cut the Rope: A Slick HTML5 Game from Microsoft and ZeptoLab
Cut The Rope is a slick HTML5 game developed by Microsoft's Internet Explorer team in partnership with ZeptoLab. It uses HTML5 canvas, HTML5 audio and video, CSS3 styling, and Web fonts.
GLSL Sandbox Gallery: A Live Sandbox for GL Fragment Shaders Imagine what a JSFiddle for fragment shaders (rendered using WebGL) would look like and you have the GLSL Sandbox. Lots of interesting live demos to watch, edit and learn from.
Offline Wiki: An HTML5 Powered Offline Version of Wikipedia
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