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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 177 — February 25, 2015
Support for ES6 symbols, unicode-range CSS descriptor, object-fit and object-position properties, CSS 3’s will-change property, HTTP/2, and more.

Treehouse Blog
If you’re always tempted to turn to the trusty ‘div’ tag, this tutorial on using ‘main’, ‘article’, ‘section’, ‘nav’ and related tags may be useful.

Still an Editor’s Draft but work is continuing. Deep stuff; it's not bedtime reading.

Frontend Masters  Sponsored
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Come join Shu Liu on March 20th to dig into!

Frontend Masters

The Mozilla Blog
One of the most popular game engines has added the ability to export to HTML5. A presentation of these new features will take place on Twitch on March 5.

Defines a unified set of events and interfaces for device-neutral pointer input (from a mouse, tablet, pen, etc.) and handling things like pointer pressure, contact geometry, and tilt.

Steve Faulkner and Léonie Watson
A work in progress, but essentially a table demonstrating how various HTML elements are rendered in audio by screen readers.


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