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WebRTC 1.0, WebOps Weekly, what is accessibility, and the Canvas sub-DOM
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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 175 — February 11, 2015
The Web Real-Time Communications Working Group has published a Working Draft of WebRTC 1.0. WebRTC defines a set of ECMAScript APIs to allow data to be sent to and received from another client implementing the right real-time protocols.

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Check out our new ‘webops’ newsletter, covering HTTP, Web performance, infrastructure, deployment, tooling, etc. Most of the performance oriented stuff we sometimes run in HTML5 Weekly will go there instead in future.

A List Apart
Accessibility isn’t all about ‘people with disabilities’ but about people overall being able to use the Web properly. Anne Gibson challenges some assumptions about what accessibility means.

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Steve Faulkner
Did you know the Canvas has a navigable sub DOM that you can use to make your canvases more accessible? Here’s a look at how it works.

Mozilla Hacks
The CSS Image Values and Replaced Content module provides an ‘object-fit’ property which helps control how aspect ratios are managed on images and videos with specific widths and heights.

Microsoft and the W3C have been working on a spec to make working with user ‘selections’ easier. The latest preview builds of IE have some initial support.

Adds the ability for React components to render to an HTML5 Canvas rather than the DOM.


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