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Firefox 35, CSS for print, a static webapp hackathon, CSS Selectors 4, Web MIDI, and more.
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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 171 — January 14, 2015
Adds support for the CSS Font Loading API, the Resource Timing API, and CSS filters. Firefox 35 for developers has more details.

Smashing Magazine
Rachel Andrew takes a look at the CSS modules that have been created not for use in web browsers, but to deal with printed and paged media.

You can register now (up until Jan 22) and there are a whole variety of awesome prizes.

Frontend Masters  Sponsored
SVG is now supported on every modern browser and mobile device, and usage is on the upswing. Most people use it for icons or data visualizations, but don’t realize how much more powerful and useful SVG is than that. Come join Doug Schepers on January 30th to add SVG to your web toolkit.

Frontend Masters

Nicolas Bevacqua
An interesting technique to share state between two tabs (that are looking at the same site).

Matt Mastracci
CSS Selectors Level 4 is the next iteration of the CSS selector spec. Looks at things like :has, :matches, :not, and the column combinator operator.

Takashi Mizuhiki
A browser for browsing apps made with the Web MIDI API, an API that allows the creation of webapps that interact with MIDI instruments and controllers. (via)

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