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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 17
December 14, 2011
News and Latest Developments
Chrome 16 Extension Hangout: Chat to Google Devs Today (Weds, Dec 14) Some of Google Chrome's developers will be hanging out between 10-11am Pacific (1-2pm Eastern) and answering questions about Chrome 16's new features. It starts just a few hours after this issue goes out.
Microsoft Releases Silverlight 5 Microsoft has released the latest version of its Flash-like rich Internet application browser framework. It includes hardware decoding for H264, PostScript Vector Printing, and an improved graphics stack with 3D support and low-level GPU access.
RFC 6455 on the WebSocket Protocol I linked to a draft last week, but now RFC 6455 - a document specifying the WebSocket protocol - is doing the rounds. Unless you really need to know the nitty gritty details of the protocol, however, steer clear.
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Articles and Tutorials
Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps With JavaScript
A well designed presentation by Addy Osmani about 'leaving no feature behind' by using JavaScript to smooth over feature gaps, such as WebGL on IE, WebSockets, CSS3 and more. Well laid out and works even away from Addy's narration.
Creating Custom @font-face Stacks with Unicode-Range Drew McLellan kicks off the annual 24 Ways web design advent calendar with an article about CSS3's unicode-range descriptor. Not one I'd heard of before but very interesting and lets you use multiple fonts under one family name.. except on Firefox(!)
Displaying Icons with Fonts and HTML5 Data- Attributes The esteemed Jon Hicks (designer of the Firefox logo) looks at icon fonts, why they're a good idea, and how to integrate them into your pages using font-face in CSS3 and data-icon attributes in HTML5.
HTML5 Form Features You Should Know
How to Use Firebug on your iPad and iPhone Firebug is a popular Web developers' toolkit including HTML, CSS and DOM interrogation and manipulation. It's for Firefox usually but the 'Lite' version works across browsers and here Martin Kool shows how to get it going on iOS devices under Safari.
How To Create a Stylish Drop Cap Effect with CSS3
Hanselman: 'Apps are too much like 1990s CD-ROMs and not enough like the Web'
HTML5 Scorecard: Amazon Kindle Fire Sencha takes a look at Amazon's new Kindle Fire device and puts its HTML5 capabilities through their paces. It performs reasonably against the iPad 2 and Sencha summarizes that it's 'a competent but minimal HTML5 platform.'
Building Games that Run on Poor Mobile Connections Over on the Facebook HTML5 blog, the SVP of Engineering at Moblyng Games explains (with the help of some great diagrams) how his team created a multiplayer poker game that runs on poor mobile Internet connections.
The Difference Between 'width: auto' and 'width: 100%'
Code and Libraries
CSS3 Patterns Gallery
A handy repository of background patterns implemented using CSS3's powerful radial and linear gradient support. The author accepts submissions.
Create: HTML5-powered On-site Web Editing Interface Create is a comprehensive Web editing interface for Content Management Systems. It is designed to provide a modern, fully browser-based HTML5 environment for managing content. Create can be adapted to work alongside almost any content management backend.
Interactive CSS3 Lighting Effects A slick live demo of CSS3 gradients and 3D transforms to create a model of an iPad that rotates with the mouse cursor yet still has specular lighting effects on its surface.
8 Bits Runner: An HTML5 Platform Game
Macintosh Classic Boot Beep (using the HTML5 Audio Element)
Adobe Edge Easing Demos
Last but not least..
What I Learned About the Web in 2011: An Experts' Roundup A List Apart rounds up the opinions of its reader base to see what they've learned about the Web in 2011. Includes insights from folks like Dan Cederholm, Eric Meyer, Cameron Moll, and more.
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