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The 'template' element, Android 5's HTML5 advancements, lobotomized owls in CSS, and more.
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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 160 — October 22, 2014
Eric Bidelman
A great article from Google’s Eric Bidelman where he demonstrates how to build a full-featured, responsive single page app using Polymer.

Google’s latest Android release (5.0, a.k.a. Lollipop) takes some big steps forward for HTML5-focused developers, with an auto-updating WebView, WebRTC, and more.

Eiji Kitamura
A look at using the ‘template’ element to define reusable templates in HTML documents.

ZingChart  Sponsored
Tired of your charts breaking or losing interactivity when the data gets big? Charts not working across browsers or devices? Time to try ZingChart! Our JavaScript charting library has no dependencies and is free to download.
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Converts your PNG to SVG and uses JPEG for both the image and its transparency mask, saving space.

A List Apart
Heydon Pickering digs into an intriguing and clever idea for a three-character CSS selector that looks like * + * and demonstrates how it could be useful.

Aurelio De Rosa
The Navigation Timing API exposes properties that allow to get timing-related information for events related to the page loading.

A spec defining ‘preconnect’ and ‘preload’ hints a developer can use to assist the user agent in deciding which origins it should connect to and which resources it should fetch to improve page performance.

Alex Painter
In IE and Firefox, it seems the answer is yes.

Tommy Fisher
WebRTC is a set of JavaScript APIs that enable peer-to-peer, realtime comms between browsers. This article boils it down to a basic example.


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