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Coding in virtual reality, Selection API first draft, making a side scroller HTML5 game, and more.
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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 158 — October 8, 2014
Brian Peiris
Would you like to strap on your VR helmet and code in a 3D environment? Welcome to the future. The video demo on YouTube is very cool.

It replaces a couple of old sections of the HTML specification and the selection part of the old DOM Range specification.

A complete tutorial oriented around the Phaser framework and the Tiled level editor.

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As Peter Gasston said on Twitter: ‘Apparently Apple is better at HTML5 than Google, because Safari implemented some features Chrome has had for ages.’ Quite. But it provoked this interesting response from Ashley Gullen of Scirra.

Unity Blog
Unity is one of the most popular 3D game development tools out there and it’s rapidly coming to the world of HTML5. You can even run some benchmarks for yourself. Native is still faster but Firefox with WebGL, in particular, is getting close.

When it comes to advancing technical specifications, is it best to have a formal consensus process or let informed editors make decisions?

The Push API provides webapps with scripted access to server-sent messages as delivered by push services. A push service allows a webapp server to send messages to a webapp, regardless of whether the webapp is currently active on the user agent.


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