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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 157 — October 1, 2014
The World Wide Web Consortium was founded on October 1st, 1994. It’s also the 18th anniversary of the W3C’s first Recommendation for PNG 1.0.

Mozilla Hacks
Think ChromeCast, but running Firefox OS and therefore more grounded in Web technologies.

Today, the Windows 10 Technical Preview was launching, but what’s new for IE and Web developers in it? Mainly performance improvements and HTTP/2 support.

Frontend Masters  Sponsored
Bianca Gandolfo, JS Engineer for Hack Reactor and chapter lead for Girl Develop It SF, will weed out your false assumptions about JS Objects, Arrays and Functions in Day 1 and teach you to master scope, closure, common functional programming methods and Underscore.js on Day 2.
Join us October 9th & 10th – attend online or in-person!

Frontend Masters
Zach Leatherman has built a sort of ‘Can I Use’ but for default local fonts. He explains more here.

DukeScript, its name derived from Java’s mascot, gives Java developers a way to build HTML5 and JavaScript apps from within the Java language.

Steve Faulkner
A look at the role of ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) alongside HTML5.

Zach Leatherman argues that current implementations of @font-face (as used for implementing custom Web fonts) are harmful to the performance and usability of the web and looks at how things could be better.

CSS Tricks
Chris Coyier discusses the best practices around when to use srcset versus the ‘picture’ element.


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