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Interactive HTML5 videos, CSS Feature Queries, Chrome 37, and more.
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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 152 — August 27, 2014
Mozilla Hacks
You can do a lot more than just play videos with HTML5. With the ‘track’ element, you can add closed captions and other types of interactivity. This article explores 3 examples: chapter markers, preview thumbnails, and a timeline search.

Adobe Web Platform Team
Feature Queries are part of the CSS3 Conditional Rules specification, and offer a native method of testing for CSS feature support.

Mozilla Hacks
A quick exploration of Browserify (lets you use Node-style modules in the browser), Gulp (the streaming build system), and React (a reusable web component library).

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Monica at Mozilla
Pinning allows site operators to specify which certificate authorities (CAs) issue valid certificates for them.

Burke Holland
A look at the options (or lack of) for extending and creating context menus on Web pages (i.e. right click menus).

A discussion over whether table sorting should become a native API.

Paul Kinlan
As a developer advocate for Google Chrome, Paul Kinlan is keen for the mobile Web, so he tried using it exclusively for one day and… here’s how it went.

The Next Web
Includes DirectWrite Support on Windows (better text rendering), a revamped password manager, and the little used showModalDialog has been disabled.


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