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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 15
November 30, 2011
Welcome to issue 15 of HTML5 Weekly. Felt like a bit of an odd week for items, this week.. not sure why. Quite a few 'tools' compared to usual, though, so enjoy :-)
News and Latest Developments
Web Developer Tools in Firefox Aurora 10 The beta (a.k.a. "aurora") of Firefox 10 came out recently and it included both some new and update developer tools. This post by Kevin Dangoor shows them off.
SublimeVideo HTML5 Video Player Now Free and Unlimited SublimeVideo is a hosted HTML5 video player service that supports nearly all browsers and devices (including fallback for legacy devices). It used to be subscription only but now a free plan has been unveiled. Worth a look.
HTML5 Game JAM 2012: February 10-12 in Paris, France A rather creatively rendered announcement for an HTML5 game development hackathon taking place in France next year. Sounds fun, and it includes a short 'technical HTML5 conference' in the middle too.
HTML5 for Applications: The Fourth IE10 Platform Preview Microsoft shows off its updated preview version of IE10 on Windows 8 here. This IE10 preview adds even more support for HTML5 technologies, enabling richer Web applications with significantly improved performance. It's definitely nice to see Microsoft focusing on HTML5.
CSS3 3-D Transforms in Internet Explorer 10 Internet Explorer 10 and Metro style apps in Windows 8 Developer Preview introduce support for CSS3 3-D transforms.
YouTube Gets HTML5 1080p Playback YouTube is continuing its push for Google's open source WebM format by adding support for 1080p playback to its HTML5 player. Other new HTML5 features include native fullscreen playback, closed captioning, and annotations.
Articles and Tutorials
Stylish CSS3 Progress Bars A tutorial demonstrating how to create rather good looking progress bars, courtesy of CSS3 shadows, border radiuses, gradients, and transitions. They even look nice when degrading for older browsers.
Using the HTML5 Geolocation API with Google, Bing and Nokia Maps The HTML5 Geolocation API lets you retrieve the approximate longitude and latitude coordinates of the user. In this walkthrough, we see how to use it to direct 3 different map services to the user's current location.
Unshredding Images using Canvas An interview and write up of an elegant HTML5 and JavaScript based solution to a recent 'unshred a shredded image' challenge.
Integration of UPnP with HTML5 (Unofficial Draft) Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a set of protocols for networked devices to discover each other and configure network services. Here's an unofficial draft of a proposed spec for integrating UPnP with HTML5.
25 Amazing HTML5 Tricks and How to Make Them A list post linking to 25 interesting HTML5 related tutorials, covering things from drag and drop through to building an HTML5 video player and advanced HTML5 powered forms.
HTML5 Semantics and Good Coding Practices Aniket Pant presents a summary of the basics of HTML5 semantics, starting from the doctype, working through the new sectional elements, and on to forms. A basic walkthrough.
Top 10 Reasons to Use HTML5 Right Now It's a bit high level, but Patrick Cox of Codrops attempts to demystify HTML5 for Web designers by walking through ten compelling features.
HTML 5 Canvas Tutorial: Rotation
Stitches - An HTML5 Sprite Generator A rather handy (and clever) tool where you can drag and drop images onto the page and click a button to generate a sprite graphic and stylesheet with which to use it.
3D Issue: HTML5 Magazines Just Like Flash '3D Issue' is digital publishing software that uses HTML5 to create mobile, tablet, and desktop accessible digital magazines. It's not cheap but it looks good and they boast quite the range of high flying clients..
Shapesmith: WebGL-based 3D Modelling Tool
ColRD: CSS 3 Gradient Creator A handy Web-based color gradient creation tool with CSS 3 and SVG export functionality.
Icon Fonts are Awesome CSS-Tricks shows off a live demo of why 'icon fonts' (often called dingbats), included on a page using font-face, are a good idea.
Typography Effects with CSS3 and jQuery A collection of 7 demos showing off some CSS3 based typography effects. Cooler than I was expecting.
Animated Buttons with CSS3 In the same vein as the typography effects linked above (and from the same site!) are these 7 animated button-themed demos. Simple yet potent effects.
Scirra's HTML5 Game Arcade An 'arcade' with a compilation of HTML5-powered games.
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