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Responsive image examples, CSS one liners, Firefox 31, WebGL in Web Workers, and more.
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HTML 5 Weekly
Issue 147 — July 24, 2014
Andreas Bovens
Thanks to the new ‘picture’ element, truly responsive images are becoming a reality on the web in pure HTML, without hacks. Andreas Bovens of Opera takes a look at a handful of code-driven examples of how the ‘picture’ element works in different situations.

Mozilla Research
Alon Zakai (of Emscripten fame) looks at WebGLWorker, a project that lets you write WebGL code in a Web Worker which is then transparently proxied to the main thread.

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A List Apart
The ‘father of CSS’, Håkon Wium Lie, demonstrates how the features provided by the CSS Multi-Column Layout and CSS Figures specs can be used to produce powerful column oriented layouts.

The Next Web
The Firefox 31 for developers page digs into more details. Highlights include full stack traces for console error messages, an eyedropper to select colors in pages, and an editable box model view.

Aurelio De Rosa looks at an API which you can use to collect timing information related to resources in a Web document.


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