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Microsoft Makes Opera Default Browser on its Android Phones
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HTML 5 Weekly
June 25, 2014 - #143
The ‘Web Starter Kit’ includes boilerplates, a style guide, and tooling (built-in server, cross-device sync tools, live browser reloading, and more) for multi-device HTML5-based Web development. There's an unofficial Yeoman generator for the kit.


The ‘track’ element defines any text you want to display along with a playing media file, such as subtitles, captions, descriptions, chapters or metadata. Its browser support is good amongst the latest browsers, except for Firefox where it’s coming in Firefox 31.


Frontend Masters   Sponsored
Kyle Simpson, author of the “You Don’t Know JavaScript” book series, dives deep into the JavaScript language. Prototypes/OO, scope, closure and asynchronous code have all tripped us up at times and Kyle goes through all these key topics in detail. Try out a sample lesson lesson on scope and the JavaScript compiler.

   Frontend Masters

HTML5 Doctor
ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attributes communicate role, state and property semantics to assistive technologies via browser accessibility APIs. If accessibility is a priority to you, you need to be familiar with this.


Raymond Camden


Elijah Manor
Elijah Manor
If you use Chrome Canary, you now have access to some significantly enhanced tools for emulating mobile environments. You can now work more easily with media queries and you can also throttle your bandwidth to typical 3G or EDGE speeds.


An 8 minute chat between several experienced Web developers.


In commemoration of Eric Meyer’s daughter (who passed away recently), Rebecca Alison Meyer, a new color is being added to CSS. Mozilla, Apple, Google and Microsoft have already committed to supporting this new color value.


Rachel Smith
An excellent demonstration of CodePen’s new blogging feature for showing off coding concepts in an interactive way. An ideal read for beginners too.



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