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HTML 5 Weekly Issue 142
June 19, 2014
from the editor
It's taking longer to get the new design working across all devices than expected, so it'll be next week now :-) Thanks for your emails last week.
HTML5: On Our Way to Recommendation The HTML5 spec is now in Last Call until July 15th and Proposed Recommendation status is expected in the fall. The HTML Working Group has ~97,000 tests for HTML5. As part of satisfying the W3C process requirements for Candidate Recommendation, implementations are tracked for how well they meet the requirements and 2 implementations are now are at least 96.7% compliant.
Announcing Internet Explorer Developer Channel Where Firefox has Aurora and Chrome has Canary, IE now has the Developer Channel, a developer-focused build of Internet Explorer that previews new features in forthcoming public IE versions. A great step forward.
'picture' Element Added to the WHATWG HTML Standard The picture element is a container which provides multiples sources to its contained img element to allow authors to declaratively control or give hints to the user agent about which image resource to use, based on the screen pixel density, viewport size, image format, and other factors.
from our sponsor
Breaking Development: Beyond The Desktop - Nashville, TN July 28-30
BD Conf is a single track conference that blends conceptual and practical with keynote talks that will give you info you can take to work the next day as well as new ideas that force you to think bigger and more long term about how you design and build for the web.
Breaking Development Conference
Introducing the Web Audio Editor in Firefox Developer Tools Firefox 32 includes a Web Audio Editor for debugging media-rich Web content. Whether developing games or synthesizers using web audio, the Web Audio Editor assists in visualizing and modifying all of the audio nodes within the web audio AudioContext.
Mozilla Hacks
HTML5 Accessibility Implementation Support in Browsers With HTML5 on its way to becoming a W3C Recommendation, Steve Faulkner took a look at how well HTML5’s accessibility features are implemented across browsers.
The Paciello Group
Playing with Particles in Canvas A look at some ways you can make use of HTML5 canvases to create particles, bounce them around the screen and respond to gravity. Includes several embedded live code sandboxes to play with the ideas presented.
Donovan Hutchinson
Adding Captions and Subtitles to HTML5 Video
Mozilla Developer Network
Beyond JavaScript, 3 Ways That Brendan Eich Changed The Web
RUM Waterfall Charts with The W3C Resource Timing API How to use the W3C Resource Timing API to produce visualisations of when each resource on a page is loaded, how long each stage of the loading process takes and how different resources interact performance-wise.
Phil Booth
Ordering CSS for Everyone A look at the pros and cons of a few ways you can order your CSS properties.
Flippin' Awesome
Easy 3D-Accelerated Games in A Browser with JavaScript and WebGL using Three.js or Babylon.js
Scott Hanselman
Three Specifications Published by the Web Applications Working Group A First Public Working Draft of DOM Level 3 KeyboardEvent key Values, a First Public Working Draft of DOM Level 3 KeyboardEvent code Values, and a Working Draft of UI Events.
Firefox OS Apps Run On Android As a developer, you can now build your Open Web App for Firefox OS devices and have that app reach millions of existing Firefox for Android users without having to change a single line of code.
Mozilla Hacks
A Criticism of (In-Browser) JavaScript Cryptography
Brendan Mc.
Some Issues with Apple's iOS WebGL Implementation
Florian Boesch
Chromium/Blink Removes 'Scoped Styles' Support Further to discussion on the blink-dev list.
UI/UX Designer AlphaSights is looking to add a couple designers to the team. If you speak lean design, love clean, simple design, have knowledge of UX/UI principles, and want to join a young team of 12 entrepreneurs and engineers we hope will apply.
Senior HTML5 Applications Engineer at iParadigms
code and tools
html5-h: A Custom Heading Element A custom heading element intended to replace h1-through-h6 with a single heading element and the promise of the HTML5 outline. Also discussed on Specifiction.
The Paciello Group
Wavepot: An Online Live Editor/Sandbox for Web Audio Experiments Effective, interesting, but you need to poke around a bit to get a feel for what it’s about. Have a play.
dockerhtml5validator: A Docker-based Self Contained W3C/HTML5 Validator Instance
Peter Mescalchin
The 14 Lines of HTML For A Favicon That Works Across Devices and Resolutions
Magnus Holm
Speedometer: Benchmark for Web App Responsiveness Measures simulated user interactions in web applications using TodoMVC as a base application.
Artoo: The Client-Side Scraping Companion A piece of JavaScript code meant to be run in your browser’s console to provide you with some page scraping utilities.
Guillaume Plique
CSS Music Visualizers Visualizers made entirely from DOM elements and CSS3 Animations and Transforms.
Chris Dolphin
Ghosts'n Goblins: A Classic Commodore 64 Game Recreated with PhaserJS
Karza Games
last but not least..
24% of devs don’t use database source control – make sure you aren’t one of them Databases are catching up with applications when it comes to version control. So what steps can you take to source control your databases? SQL Source Control connects databases to the source control system you already use. Try SQL Source Control free.
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