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HTML 5 Weekly Issue 141
June 11, 2014
from the editor
We're going to be trialling a new design from next week's issue onward, so if you have any ideas or feedback about what you'd like to see us do, now is a perfect time to let us know. Just reply to this newsletter with any feedback, ideas, complaints, or suggestions you have. We might not be able to reply to them all but we will certainly read every e-mail and take them into account :-)
Firebug 2.0 Released Firefox has its own developer tools now but the popular Firebug extension that kicked off many of the ideas behind browser-based development consoles is back with a huge release. Compatible with Firefox 30-32.
Client-Side Form Validation with HTML5 A quick tutorial peppered with live code examples you can edit.
Everything You Need to Know About the CSS 'will-change' Property A new CSS property has been introduced, that allows us to inform the browser ahead of time of what kinds of changes we are likely to make to an element, thus allowing it to optimize how it handles that element ahead of time.
from our sponsor
Announcing JS Error Reporting and AJAX Timing in New Relic
Currently, 1.2m domains use the New Relic Browser monitoring tools to maintain a comprehensive overview of their browser page load times, throughput, browser transactions, JavaScript errors and Ajax timing. Find out how real-time insights help people build better performing software with New Relic.
New Relic
Should There Be A 'geo' Element for Marking Up Locations in An HTML Document? Another good thread from the rapidly growing Specifiction forum where ideas about Web specs are discussed.
CSS Shapes and CSS Compositing and Blending in Safari 8
Adobe Web Platform Team
Using Encapsulation for Semantic Markup Chris Scott walks through a great use case for the Shadow DOM.
CSS Tricks
Easy Audio Capture with the MediaRecorder API The MediaRecorder API, as used within getUserMedia(), provides an easy way to recording media streams from the user’s input devices and use them in web apps.
Mozilla Hacks
The WHATWG (Web Hypertext Applications Technology Working Group) Turns 10 Years Old The initial post to the group in June 2004.
Dynamic CSS with DynCSS DynCSS is a small add-on for your pages. It parses your CSS and converts all the rules with the prefix ‘-dyn-*’ into dynamic Javascript that is executed on browser events like scroll and resize.
Flippin' Awesome
Automating Web Performance Measurement With 40% of people potentially abandoning pages that take more than 3 seconds to load, caring about how quickly your pages load on your users devices is becoming an essential part of the front-end development workflow.
HTML5 Rocks
Animating Inline SVG Icons Joni Trythall shows how to create and animate inline SVG Icons while dealing with some of the quirks and workarounds.
Flippin' Awesome
Creating Scrolling Parallax Effects with CSS
Stefan Judis
Building A Responsive SVG Map The BBC News team built a responsive, SVG based map for the recent British local and European elections. Tian Yuan shares some tips.
Responsive News
Chrome Killed the Terminal Star See how Yez lets you work on the command line within Chrome, saving you from the back-and-forth window switching by Krasimir Tsonev.
Flippin' Awesome
Frontend Developer Wanted (m/f) - Berlin, Germany We are looking for an experienced frontend developer who wants to take responsibilty in a powerful startup environment. We are a team of strong IT experts that creates new startups from scratch and scale them big like we did with Tirendo, nu3 and saatchi art.
Project A
JavaScript Software Developer (Madison WI) Widen Enterprises is a marketing technology company, looking for a JavaScript developer who loves working with fun people, and the latest technology.
Widen Enterprises
code and tools
Bounce.js: Tool for Creating CSS3 Powered Element Animation Effects Quickly An online tool that helps you create CSS3-based animations. You can then share what you create or copy and paste the CSS3 to put it into your own apps and pages.
Joel Besada
DHTMLX 4.0 Released: A Modern JavaScript-Based Web App UI Library
Source Code From The Book 'HTML5 Game Engines' As shared on GitHub.
Dan Nagle
Library Detector For Chrome: An Extension to Detect JS Libraries Used On Page
Andrew Bredow
OwnGap: Native HTML5 Canvas for Android Now with Touch Support Aimed at game development with the ImpactJS engine but claims it should work with other engines too.
MotorCortex.js: A Way to Separate The Mechanics of On-Page Animations from Logic Code Provides a way to fully decouple animation and application code so that designers can work on animations independently without interfering with frontend developers.
Andreas Trantidis
Freeciv-Web: Civilization-esque Strategy Game Playable Online with HTML5 Under active development for several years. The code is on GitHub.
The Freeciv-Web Project
Mario Sequencer: An HTML5 Remake of the Music Sequencer from Mario Paint
Demo of Firefox 32's Support for 'srcset' attribute on Images
last but not least..
A Heavyweight HTML5+CSS+JS Playground in the Cloud Codio is a beautiful, free Web IDE for HTML5+CSS+JS. You also get a dedicated Ubuntu server with each and every project, so it’s ideal for Grunt build tasks and backend coding (Node, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.).
Sponsored Codio
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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