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HTML 5 Weekly Issue 140
June 4, 2014
HTML5 Video in Safari on OS X Yosemite Netflix has rolled out the streaming of its video services over HTML5 video in Safari on the still-in-beta OS X Yosemite. It uses the newly supported Media Source Extensions, Encrypted Media Extensions and Web Cryptography API technologies to work.
The Netflix Tech Blog
Introducing A Place for The Web Compatibility Community A small group of contributors inside and outside of Mozilla have been working on a new site where you can file a bug for any Web site or browser, the bug will be investigated, hopefully fixed, and then shared with the relevant people.
Mozilla Hacks
WebGL on iOS 8 Safari and WebView Ludei notes that WebGL support is available and enabled by default on iOS 8 in both Safari and system WebViews. This is excellent news for the HTML5-based game development community in particular.
Kranky Geek WebRTC Event: San Francisco, June 27 A ‘WebRTC for web developers’ event at Google’s San Francisco offices the day after Google I/O. Costs nothing but advance registration is required.
Kranky Geek
from our sponsor
Master iOS, Android & Web Dev Tools and Design at Mobile+Web DevCon, Chicago
Mobile+Web DevCon is a three-day event that helps developers master the latest dev tools, trends & best practices in design and UX. Our intimate events give you the chance to meet and pick the brains of speakers & devs across industries. For 10% off registration, use code 'TDHTML10'
Mobile+Web DevCon
Do We Need A 'Navigator.timeZone' for Querying Timezone? A discussion on the new Specifiction forum about the requirement for being able to query the user’s browser for its timezone.
Introducing the Proximity API In-depth introduction to the Proximity API for mobile. The Proximity API defines events that provide information about the distance between a device and an object, as measured by a proximity sensor.
Microsoft Plans To Bring HTTP/2, Web Audio And JavaScript Promises To The Next Version Of IE
iOS 8 Safari Scores 440 Points On HTML5Test, Still Lags Behind Chrome
Safari 7 will have WebGL, SPDY, IndexedDB, CSS Shapes, and HTML5 Premium Video
CSS: Should We Change The Default for 'overflow'? Greg Smith presents some reasons why ‘auto’ or ‘hidden’ should be the default instead of ‘visible’.
SVG 'symbol' a Good Choice for Icons
CSS Tricks
Gamedev.js Weekly: A Newsletter About HTML5 Game Development It’s not by us, but if you’re into game development, it’s worth a look and it’s run by the founder of the js13kGames contest.
Andrzej Mazur
How to Create A Scrollable Splash Screen with CSS3 and jQuery
Webdesigner Depot
My Two Favourite (Underused) HTML5 Media Features
Code Injection Attacks on HTML5-based Mobile Apps [PDF]
Jin, Luo, Tsui, Du
JavaScript Software Developer (Madison WI) Widen Enterprises is a marketing technology company, looking for a JavaScript developer who loves working with fun people, and the latest technology.
Widen Enterprises
code and tools
Introducing Socket.IO 1.0: A Leap Forward for the Real-Time Communications Library
Guillermo Rauch
PlayCanvas Goes Open Source The PlayCanvas Engine is a JavaScript library engineered specifically for building video games including graphics (using WebGL), physics, animation, audio, and input.
Mozilla Hacks
Card: Make Your Card Input Better in One Line of Code Includes animations, a card ‘preview’, and is all pure CSS, HTML and JavaScript with no images used.
Jesse Pollak
Opera 22 Released for Mac and Windows Includes CSS background blending modes, CSS Font Loading, unprefixed Shadow DOM, unprefixed Web Audio API.
Storage.js: Asynchronous Browser Storage with Multiple Back-Ends Supports IndexedDB, WebSQL, and localStorage.
Aleksey Kulikov
last but not least..
Creating Interactive Realtime WebGL Visualizations Data can be tough to visualize when it’s sitting in an Excel spreadsheet. Instead, turn that data into an interactive, live updating visualization with PubNub and WebGL. See the data changing.. as it changes in real life.
Sponsored PubNub
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