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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 14
November 23, 2011
Welcome to issue 14 of HTML5 Weekly.
News and Latest Developments
2nd Edition of 'Introducing HTML5' Now Available
Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp have unveiled the 2nd edition of their popular 'Introduction HTML5' book. It's available in print and Kindle formats. Lots has been added (like the new IndexedDB storage API and Server Sent Events) and the book has gone from 223 to 295 pages.
AppMobi to Open Source All Its HTML5 APIs on Black Friday AppMobi will be releasing its DirectCanvas, device-APIs for iOS and Android and its MobiUs browser and other HTML5 development APIs as open source projects for developers to use and build upon.
Adobe Donates Flex to Apache Adobe has submitted the code for its Flash-based Flex framework to the Apache Software Foundation, while noting: "In the long-term, we believe HTML5 will be the best technology for enterprise application development."
Articles and Tutorials
The Fundamentals, Primitives and History of HTML5 Paul Irish recently gave a talk at W3Conf (YouTube embed included in this post) about the inner workings of HTML5 including, as he says, lots of 'did-you-know' and cool insights into how browsers work.
Get to Grips with CSS3 Multiple Background Images What if you could keep your HTML clean and still add a number of separate images to your design? Freelance front-end designer Prisca Schmarsow shows you how you can do this with CSS3 multiple background images
Native Fullscreen JavaScript API Safari 5.1, the latest Chrome, and Firefox nightlies support the FullScreen API which lets you make an arbitrary HTML element go 'full screen', pushing the browser's chrome out of the way. Try out the demo available here to get a feel for it.
Going Fullscreen with Canvas A demo of the aforementioned Fullscreen API and explanations of its interaction with Canvas elements.
Writing Forward-Compatible Websites From the Mozilla Developer Network comes a list of best practices for building sites that do not break when browsers are updated or new technologies are added.
Asynchronous UIs - The Future of Web User Interfaces
Web Intents - A Short Introduction
HTML5 2D Gaming Performance Analysis A benchmark of a Canvas 2D renderer versus a WebGL renderer and a C++ DirectX-based renderer. The results are unsurprising but WebGL shows a lot of promise.
HTML5 Could Mute Browser-Apps Argument
ThreeNodes.js: A Visual WebGL Scene Editor ThreeNodes.js is a visual dataflow based WebGL editor that uses drag and drop to create a scene.
Electric Mobile Simulator - An iOS Safari Simulator for Windows I haven't tested it but the folks at Electric Plum got in touch to recommend their free iOS Web Browser simulator for Windows developers which, they say, could be particularly useful for Windows-based mobile Web developers.
FalconJS: Adobe's Answer for MXML/ActionScript to HTML/JavaScript Conversion In the light of Adobe's plans to donate Flex to Apache and its deprecation of Flash for mobile, Adobe has been working on an experimental cross-compiler to convert MXML and ActionScript to HTML and JavaScript. It's early days and isn't available publicly as-yet.
Code and Libraries
CSS3 Social Sign-in Buttons
Attractive, CSS3-based sign-in buttons for popular social services (including Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and Windows Live ID) you can use on your pages. The key benefit is they work together well (unlike the custom image buttons some providers offer).
TGV.js: Deferred Image Loading with JavaScript and HTML5 Data Attributes Algy Taylor has put together a small library that looks for images with data-defer-src tags and then loads them asynchronously once the rest of the page is loaded. It also supports deferring the loading of other JavaScript files too.
Last but not least..
@CodeWisdom: Inspirational Programming Quotes and Links on Twitter
A month ago I started @CodeWisdom, a Twitter account dedicated to programming related wisdom and quotes. If you're on Twitter, follow along - it's been going great :-)
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