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HTML 5 Weekly Issue 139
May 28, 2014
Chrome 36 Beta: element.animate(), HTML Imports, and Object.observe() The latest Chrome beta includes some interesting tech improvements, including support for HTML Imports (part of Web Components) and part of the Web Animations API that lets you create CSS animations from JavaScript.
HTML5 Forms: JavaScript and the Constraint Validation API Craig Buckler concludes a series of posts about HTML5 forms by looking at using JavaScript and the Constraint Validation API to improve the usability of forms across as many browsers as possible.
Apple (to) Embrace WebGL? Apple’s Safari has supported WebGL for a while now but it has to be specifically enabled. It appears Apple might finally flip the switch on by default from Safari 7.1 onward.
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JavaScript Framework Showdown: Live Workshop Online/In-Person June 13th
Brian Holt, front-end developer at Reddit, will help you make an informed decision on which JavaScript framework you choose for your upcoming projects. Discover the unique value propositions in AngularJS, React, Backbone and Ember. Attend in-person or online with HD video plus chat. Join in on June 13th.
Frontend Masters
Introduction to the Ambient Light API The Ambient Light API defines events that provide information about the ambient light level, as measured by a device’s light sensor.
Flippin' Awesome
Building an HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Using AngularJS and Ionic
Creating Interactive Video Experiences by Combining The Video and Canvas Elements Ben Whitman presents a tutorial that takes a regular, non-interactive video and adds a choose-your-own-adventure-esque mechanism to it.
Slash Page Load Times With CSS Font Subsetting
Dudley Storey
Using HTML5 to Scan 1D and 2D Barcodes The formatting is a bit odd but this article covers the principles of tying together some libraries and HTML5 technologies to create a browser-based barcode scanner.
Blackberry Developer Blog
The Single Responsibility Principle for CSS A look at structuring CSS in a modular way. Also includes a cool CSS trick I hadn’t seen before to make a square image appear as a circle using ‘border-radius: 50%’.
Drew Barontini
The Formal 'Intent to Implement' for Firefox to Support Encrypted Media Extensions It’s targeted for a release in Firefox 36.
Security Standards and Name Changes in the Browser Wars A quick explanation of the history behind TLS not simply being called a later version of SSL.
Tim Dierks
Back Button Behavior On A Page With An iFrame
Naor Ye
WebRTC Changes Web Communications Forever Greg Baugues of Twilio introduces the concepts behind WebRTC, a collection of technologies that provide native peer-to-peer communication inside the browser for handling voice, video and data communication.
RailsConf 2014
How Sweden's Goo Technologies Aims to 'Beautify' The Web with HTML5 and WebGL An interview with a Swedish company working on a variety of HTML5 and WebGL-based tools.
Developer Tools for Java EE 7 and HTML 5 in IntelliJ IDEA 13
Andrey Cheptsov
Design Technologist, Display Advertising at Amazon As a front-end lead you will work directly with UX Designers and developers to implement consistent and modular components in HTML/CSS, and use JavaScript to bring them to life with responsive, adaptive, data-driven interactivity.
Developer Relations at Pusher (London, UK) Pusher provides a popular hosted API for adding real-time functionality to Web and mobile apps over HTML5 WebSockets.
code and tools
AppGyver Launches Composer, A Drag-And-Drop Tool For Building HTML5 Apps
Flo: A New Live Coding Tool for Chrome by Facebook A Chrome extension that lets you modify running apps without reloading. Live edit JavaScript, CSS, images, etc, and works with your editor of choice.
ncc: Simple to Use, Performant HTML5 Canvas for Node.js ncc, also known as node-chrome-canvas, gives Node access to a full-blown HTML5 Canvas element in Chrome.
A Sass Mixin for A Pure CSS3 Slideshow Works well across desktop and mobile.
Fabrizio Calderan
CodeGrabber: Embed Remote Source Files using the 'pre' Tag Using this library plus a data-src attribute on ‘pre’ elements, you can pull in remote content to a page (source listings, in particular).
André König
Goaler Game: A Turn-Based Multiplayer Football Game A clever idea with an interesting turn-based mechanic. Play against yourself with multiple browsers if you have no-one to play with.
Tron: Legacy Encom Boardroom Visualization
Assassin's Creed Pirates Demo
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