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HTML 5 Weekly Issue 138
May 21, 2014
Chrome 35 Launches with JavaScript, HTML5, and Web Platform Improvements
A developer focused release with new JavaScript features (including ECMAScript 6’s Promise, WeakMap, WeakSet, and Object.observe), unprefixed Shadow DOM, more developer control over touch input (with the ‘touch-action’ CSS property), and various performance and stability updates. Font Loading events have also been added.
The Next Web
Mozilla to Support DRM in Firefox via the Encrypted Media Extensions Spec Mozilla has changed its position on supporting the EME spec so that users will be able to access popular DRMed content as the standard becomes popularly used. Mozilla’s new CTO, Andreas Gal, wrote Reconciling Mozilla’s Mission and W3C EME to explain the move.
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Mobile+Web DevCon
HTML5 Needs a New Animation API to Compete with Native Marc craves an API for building fluid animation on the Web. A well thought out post with lots of good points and examples, looking at things like and GreenSock, although the Web Animations spec (linked in issue 94) is one such effort.
Marc Grabanski
An Introduction to IndexedDB Tiffany Brown looks at how to use IndexedDB, an API for high performance client-side storage of structured data, supported by Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera.
Creating a Multiplayer Game with TogetherJS and CreateJS Bubble Hell Duel is a multiplayer HTML5 dogfighting game and its creators share some of their technical experiences in developing it.
Mozilla Hacks
A More Compatible, Smoother Touch Vivian Cromwell looks at the four main models of touch event processing in the browser, and what Chrome’s new behavior is.
HTML5 Rocks
A ZIP API in The Browser? Since the support for zipping and unzipping is already used by browsers, Domenic Denicola wonders if it could exposed through an API.
Domenic Denicola
Communicating Large Objects with Web Workers in JavaScript
Samuel Mendenhall
ServiceWorker Implementation Status in Firefox ServiceWorkers are a new web platform feature (featured last week) that allows sites to use JavaScript to provide a better offline experience, and eventually various other ‘background service’ capabilities. Includes a link to a build of Firefox with preliminary ServiceWorker support for experimentation.
Nikhil Marathe
CSS Shapes 101 The CSS Shapes spec provides a new way to change how Web content flows inside and around arbitrarily complex shapes.
A List Apart
Fixing Typography Inside of CSS 2-D Transforms Typography inside CSS 2-D transforms can often look jagged or misplaced, but Zoltan Hawryluk shows techniques to fix it.
Flippin' Awesome
Frame-by-Frame Animation with HTML and JavaScript A detailed walkthrough on creating frame-by-frame animation using JavaScript and the benefits and drawbacks of the technique by Bartek Drozdz.
Flippin' Awesome
Working With Intl: ECMAScript's New Internationalization API
Raymond Camden
Responsive Images Done Right: A Guide To the 'picture' Element And srcset Attribute
Smashing Magazine
Offered: Fame and Fortune for Your Thoughts If you’ve solved an interesting problem lately, discovered a new tool, or want to showcase your latest project, why not reach a huge audience and be paid for it? SitePoint is always on the lookout for new writers. Write an occasional article, or become a regular contributor.
code and tools
Elm 0.12.3: Hardware Accelerated 3D Rendering with WebGL Elm is a functional language that compiles to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and now WebGL is a target too.
Chrome 35 for Android Gets Fullscreen HTML5 Video with Subtitles and Controls
The Next Web
VanillaMasker: A Pure JavaScript Input Masker
Fenix: Static Web Servers for the Desktop An open source desktop app that allows you to launch, share, and kill HTTP servers through a pretty GUI. There’s also ssh-tunneling to expose servers to the world.
Corey Butler
SocketCluster: Highly Scalable Realtime WebSocket Node Server Cluster, Based On
Jonathan Gros-Dubois
Responsive CSS Framework Comparison Table: Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton
Rasenball World Cup 2014: A Soccer Match Plan Visualization
last but not least..
A Heavyweight HTML5+CSS+JS Playground in the Cloud Codio is a beautiful, free Web IDE for HTML5+CSS+JS. You also get a dedicated Ubuntu server with each and every project, so it’s ideal for Grunt build tasks and backend coding (Node, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.).
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