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HTML 5 Weekly Issue 137
May 14, 2014
Service Workers: A Future Path to Event-driven Background Processing on the Web Platform The new Service Workers spec (currently in draft) provides ways for webapps to take advantage of persistent background processing, including hooks to enable bootstrapping of web applications while offline.
Jake Archibald
A Complete Guide to Flexbox The Flexible Layout module continues to evolve and this long standing guide has just been updated. As of IE 11, Flexbox is now supported by the latest versions of all the main browsers as an alternative way to lay out Web content, and this is a great guide bringing visuals and code together.
Chris Coyier
from our sponsor
Online Advanced Sass Workshop: Level Up your Sass
Do you use Sass, but would you rather master it? Join Sass expert Roy Tomeij (@roy) on June 12th or 19th for this online workshop. Apply nifty tricks to real life use cases, master lists and much more. Act fast, there are only 40 seats.
Roy Tomeij
The Great HTML5 Gaming Performance Test: 2014 Edition The creators of Construct 2 put a variety of browsers and devices through their performance paces for HTML5 gaming. Things are looking a lot better since 2012 with most mobile browsers now putting in solid performances.
The HTML5 Color Input
Dudley Storey
Is It Possible to Apply CSS to Half of A Character? Yes. The solution is called HalfStyle.
Stack Overflow
8 Tips for Creating Accessible SVG A look at making SVG 1.1 content as accessible as possible with a glimpse at the possibilities provided by SVG 2.0.
Building a Simple App Using Ionic, an Advanced Mobile App Framework Ionic is an open source front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5 and AngularJS.
Standards for Web Applications On Mobile: Current State and Roadmap
Five Keys to Success When Building HTML5 Games At FutureJS 2014, Amazon’s Jesse Freeman gave a top notch talk rationalizing HTML5 game development, why it’s useful if you want to target mobile gamers, and a variety of tips to making HTML5 game development work for you.
Web Components: A Chance to Create The Future Zeno Rocha, creator of, demonstrates some tools that can help you create your own Web Components.
Introduction to Polymer: The Next Generation of Web Development
Matthew McNulty
Design Technologist, Display Advertising As a front-end lead you will work directly with UX Designers and developers to implement consistent and modular components in HTML/CSS, and use JavaScript to bring them to life with responsive, adaptive, data-driven interactivity.
code and tools
CSS Shapes Polyfill JavaScript that checks to see if a browser supports CSS Shapes and, if not, approximates the desired behavior.
Adobe Web Platform Team Blog
SVG for Everybody: Use External SVG Spritemaps Today Bridges the gap between SVG-capable browsers (i.e. most of them) and those that don’t support external SVG sprite maps (IE 9-11 in particular).
Jonathan Neal
Introducing TranslationTester and Localization Support for Open Web Apps A look at an interesting way to get different languages running on the same webapp via marking up the HTML.
Mozilla Hacks
rangeslider.js: Simple HTML5 Input type='range' Slider Element Polyfill
André Ruffert
Buttons: A CSS Button Library Built with Sass and Compass
Alex Wolfe and Rob Levin
AniJS: Declarative CSS Animations Handling Library
Dariel Noel
Morphing Button Concept: Revealing Content by Morphing the Interactive Element These are all really striking, well worth a look.
Mary Lou
Single Element CSS Spinners
Luke Haas
Speak to Learn with Spell Up, The Latest 'Chrome Experiment' Spell Up is like a virtual spelling bee, with a twist.
Google Chrome Blog
last but not least..
Master iOS, Android & Web Dev Tools and Design at Mobile+Web DevCon, Chicago Mobile+Web DevCon is a three-day event that helps developers master the latest dev tools, trends & best practices in design and UX. Our intimate events give you the opportunity to meet and pick the brains of speakers & devs across industries.
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