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HTML 5 Weekly Issue 134
April 23, 2014
voice-elements: Web Components for using the Web Speech API Provides the voice-player and voice-recognition elements you can use within a Web Components environment (polyfilled is fine) to easily use Web Speech API functionality in a HTML-flavored way.
Zeno Rocha
Project Naptha: OCR Applied Automatically to Web Page Images An interesting attempt to make on-page images more useful by allowing them to have highlightable or even translatable cut/paste-able text. It’s a compelling idea.
RIP Flash: Why HTML5 Will Finally Take Over Video and Web in 2014 Back in 2010, Steve Jobs wrote a letter where he suggested new open standards like HTML5 should ‘win’ against technologies like Flash. This is now coming to pass.
The Next Web
from our sponsor
Frontend Masters: New HTML5 Media (Audio, Video & WebRTC) Course
Mark Boas, jPlayer developer, covers native HTML5 media APIs which give us new power to deliver rich media experiences via the web. In this course, you’ll get hands-on examples of building your own media players on top of HTML5 APIs, adding video effects with canvas, using WebRTC for realtime communication and see examples of the low-level Web Audio API in this new course from Frontend Masters!

Watch Mark explain the seeking audio API and demo his native audio inspector in this free lesson.
Frontend Masters
An Introduction to the Web Notifications API The W3C Web Notifications spec defines an API for end-user notifications outside of the context of a Web page. It’s currently implemented by Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
Understanding CSS Timing Functions A hidden gem of the CSS animation world that can affect how fast an animation is perceived to be without actually changing the duration.
Smashing Magazine
Using The Download Attribute On Links to Save Canvas As PNG
Christian Heilmann
Starting Work On Indexed DB V2 Spec - Feedback Wanted IndexedDB is an API for storing structured data in the browser. Work is now beginning on version 2 and Google’s Joshua Bell is looking for feedback.
HTML5 Context Menus
David Walsh
HTML Out of The Browser A reflection on some of the other places HTML is used other than the browser: mobile apps, on the desktop, and in native app extensions.
Mozilla Hacks
Another Big Milestone for Servo: Acid2 Servo, the next-generation browser engine being developed by Mozilla Research, has reached an important milestone by passing the Acid2 test.
Mozilla Research
Using UI Libraries Without the Bloat A good look at how to use popular front-end UI libraries without adding unnecessary weight to your app by TJ VanToll.
Telerik Developer Network
code and tools
Theresa's Sound World: Modular Audio Generation in the Browser A way of manipulating audio in the browser in a quick and friendly manner. Built on top of the Web Audio API, it uses a modular routing system allowing you to make sophisticated audio applications and instruments. The THX Deep Note demo is pretty cool.
Stuart Memo
A Handy Way to Learn CSS Vocabulary What’s a block vs a selector vs a combinator vs a declaration? If you want to brush up on your CSS vocabulary, this page presents some code along with the definitions and you can see how each relate to one another. Superb.
Ville Vanninen
Picturefill: A Responsive Image Polyfill The ‘picture’ element and associated features are W3C standard HTML features that allow developers to deliver an appropriate image to every user depending on screen or viewport size, resolution, etc. Picturefill is a JavaScript polyfill that enables support for picture elements in (the majority of) browsers that do not yet support them.
Scott Jehl
Spine Delivers High Quality 2D Animation for HTML5 Games
UI / UX Designer (HTML5, CSS3) Cezanne HR is looking for an experienced UI / UX designer to join its London based development team and help drive the design and usability of Cezanne OnDemand, our SaaS based HR solution.
Cezanne HR
Going Into Detail A cartographical article that leans upon WebGL representations of the world. An interesting look at how visualizations can help tell stories.
Peter Richardson
CSS 3D Solar System
Browser-Based JavaScript Synths with Code Studio
last but not least..
Creating Interactive Realtime WebGL Visualizations Data can be tough to visualize when it’s sitting in an Excel spreadsheet. Instead, turn that data into an interactive, live updating visualization with PubNub and WebGL. See the data changing… as it changes in real life.
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