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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 132
April 9, 2014
How To Build A WinJS App In 10 Easy Steps Build your first HTML5 app with Microsoft’s open-source JavaScript libraries in this simple tutorial.
Read Write
WebRTC Data Channels for Great Multiplayer WebRTC isn’t just for voice or video, it’s a handy technology for working with peer-to-peer data generally. How do WebRTC’s data channels work and how are they being used in a multiplayer gaming experiment?
Mozilla Hacks
Brendan Eich Steps Down as Mozilla CEO
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Mobile+Web DevCon
Building A Simple 3D WebGL Scene with Three.js Three.js makes it easy to work with WebGL to produce 3D scenes and effects in the browser. This short tutorial shows you how and provides a Codepen to interact and play with the code directly.
Webdesigner Depot
What Are The Most Interesting HTML/JS/DOM/CSS Hacks Most Web Developers Don't Know About? Most of this isn’t particularly new but there’s a lot of interesting stuff in here.
Lessons Learned Building an HTML5 Games Engine Craig Robinson looks back on the lessons his team learned when attempting to build their own HTML5 games engine.
Flippin' Awesome
Rethinking Responsive SVG A look into what can be achieved with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) beyond traditional scalable vector graphics that simply replace bitmap graphics. Ilya Pukhalski considers SVG as a technology that leans on CSS for the customization of views as well as responsive behavior alongside JavaScript.
Smashing Magazine
A Book Review of Estelle Weyl's 'Mobile HTML5'
Blink/Chrome Removing Support for Prefixed WebAudio Support for the prefixed WebAudio API objects (webkitAudioContext and webkitOfflineAudioContext) is being removed from the Blink engine (as used in Chrome). If you have older sites or libraries that lean solely on those objects, it’s time to bring your code up to scratch.
Firefox to Get CSS Variables Support from Firefox 31 Bear in mind the current main release is Firefox 28, however.
OpenFin Raises $4 Million To Bring HTML5 Apps To The Financial Services Industry
WebGL Plants Game in Oculus Rift with One Line of Code Just one line of code with the Babylon.js 3D engine and a game is converted from 2D to fully Oculus Rift-ready.
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code and tools
Chrome 34 Released to Stable Channel Introduces support for responsive images and unprefixed Web Audio.
Google Chrome Releases
GridList: Drag and Drop Library for Two-Dimensional, Resizable and Responsive Lists
AngularStrap: AngularJS 1.2+ Native Directives for Twitter Bootstrap 3
Olivier Louvignes
seen.js: Render 3D Scenes into SVG or HTML5 Canvas
bitcrusher: Bitcrush Effect for Web Audio API
Jason Frame
Chemistry pH Color Indicator Scale as a CSS Gradient
Nils Dehl
Google's Night Walk in Marseille A beautifully engrossing Web-based multimedia experience where you can take a casual tour around a vibrant French neighborhood.
HTML5 Tetris Uses a variety of modern Web technologies and source is available.
Robert Eisele
SWOOOP: Mobile Browser Game Built using The PlayCanvas Engine It’s open source too.
Robby Leonardi's Interactive Résumé Brings together a variety of ideas well with a heavy focus on scroll-based animation.
Robby Leonardi
Fourier Series Visualisation with d3.js
Patatap: A Fun Web Audio API Experiment Tap keys (or use your fingers on mobile), get sounds and sights.
last but not least..
Store and Sync Data in Realtime with Firebase
Using Firebase’s powerful JavaScript SDK, you can easily build realtime apps without worrying about networking, scaling, or writing complicated server code. See how it works and start developing instantly.
Sponsored Firebase Front-End Conference in Linz, Austria (May 10) Some great speakers. If you do want to go, they’ve created a discount code for us called COOPERPRESS - it can be used 50 times.
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