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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 131
April 2, 2014
A Look at 4 New Canvas Features A look at three new cutting edge Canvas features, available in nightly builds of WebKit, Chrome and Firefox. Path2D lets you cache drawing commands. ImageData constructors let you easily pass buffers to render on a Canvas. And more.
Adobe Web Platform Team Blog
Accessibility Features of HTML5 A slide deck by Mark Sadecki, a Web accessibility engineer, that presents a handy high level look at the things within HTML5 that improve accessibility.
8 Hours of Video from EdgeConf 3 EdgeConf is perhaps the leading event when it comes to browser manufacturers and developers getting together to discuss cutting edge Web technologies. Here you can enjoy the entire day of talks.
March 2014: IE11 Gains Most Market Share, Chrome Finally Passes Firefox
The Next Web
from our sponsor
Ultimatum 2.5: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder
Written in CSS3 and HTML5, this modern marvel is so much more than just a WordPress theme or framework. It’s a total all-in-one WordPress Solution. One of the most customizable WordPress solutions on the planet, users can modify everything from specific font elements to the overall layout structure using the super simple and user-friendly admin interface. For a limited time only, you can get this ultimate all-in-on WordPress solution for more than 50% off. See it here.
Mighty Deals
Creating Sound with the Web Audio API and Oscillators Brian Rinaldi walks through creating audio feedback and music using oscillators to generate common waveforms.
Flippin' Awesome
Introducing the getBoxQuads API The new GeometryUtils interface and its supporting interfaces DOMPoint, DOMRect and DOMQuad provide Web-standard APIs to determine where an element has been placed in the page, or more generally, where it is relative to another element.
Mozilla Hacks
Debugging Asynchronous JavaScript with Chrome DevTools Now in Chrome Canary’s DevTools, you can view the full call stack of asynchronous JavaScript callbacks. Pearl Chen shows us how it works.
HTML5 Rocks
Music DNA: Analyzing Frequencies in Music in a Dial
A fun multimedia experiment, and the code is on GitHub too.
The Washington Post Updates iPad App, Switching From HTML5 to ‘Native Framework’
Talking New Media
Paralyzed by Choice in Front-End Development Brian Rinaldi discusses ideas to avoid getting overwhelmed by the constant inflow of new tools, libraries and frameworks.
Flippin' Awesome
Building Better Input Experience for East Asian Users with the IME API in IE11
Spring-Cleaning Unused CSS With Grunt, Gulp Or Broccoli
Addy Osmani
Generational Garbage Collection Has Landed in Firefox There are certain workloads where generational GC makes code run much faster.
Nicholas Nethercote
Setting up Bower and Polymer A straightforward, easy to follow 20 minute guide from Rob Dodson of the Google Chrome team.
Are HTML5 Games the Future? Some quick views from game developers at the Casual Connect Europe 2014 conference.
Spil Games
Get On The CSS Grid Supported in IE10+ and behind an experimental flag in Chrome, now is a good time to take a first look at the CSS Grid Layout Module.
HTML5 Rocks
Apply Once: Get 5-15 Job Offers (NYC, SF, LA, Boston) Underpaid or undervalued? You're in high demand and deserve better. 779 tech companies compete to hire you. See salary, equity, and signing bonus before you interview. $1+ Billion in offers made. Apply for free today.
Senior JavaScript / UI Engineer at Lonely Planet (Nashville, TN) Looking for a Front-end developer to work on, an authority in the travel space that inspires, connects, and helps over 100M travelers per year.
Lonely Planet
code and tools
22 HTML5 Game Engines: Find Which is Right For You A simple comparison table of a variety of HTML5-based game engines or libraries, such as Construct, ImpactJS, and Phaser.
Moonshine - A Lightweight Lua VM for The Browser Execute compiled Lua bytecode in a JavaScript environment, such as a web browser. Just 19kb gzipped.
Gamesys Limited
Slick: The Last Carousel You'll Ever Need
Ken Wheeler
threeVR: An Orientation-Aware Virtual Reality Controller for Browsers Built On Top of Three.js
Rich Tibbett
The WebGL Head
A slightly creepy head rendered with WebGL.
last but not least..
24% of devs don’t use database source control – make sure you aren’t one of them Databases are catching up with applications when it comes to version control. So what steps can you take to source control your databases? SQL Source Control connects databases to the source control system you already use. Try SQL Source Control free.
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WebDesignRepo: A Compact List of Helpful Webdesign Links
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