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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 13
November 16, 2011
Welcome to issue 13 of HTML5 Weekly - unlucky for some but not for us :-) A slightly shorter than most as I'm on the road today but back to full speed next week, I promise.
News and Latest Developments
Adobe Turns Away from Mobile Flash to Focus on HTML5 (Good News for JS!) Adobe is stopping development on Flash Player for browsers on mobile platforms and is now focusing their efforts on native apps (Flash included with Adobe AIR) and HTML5.
Firefox Aurora 10 Available The early release of the forthcoming Firefox 10 is now available to try. It adds the HTML5 Visibility API, anti-aliasing for WebGL and 3D Transforms. Aurora 10's focus is HTML5 related enhancements.
Microsoft May Halt Work on Silverlight After Next Release The Verge is reporting that it's not just Adobe changing its plans. New releases of Silverlight, Microsoft's Flash alternative, are reportedly going to be abandoned after the launch of Silverlight 5, expected later this month. Let's wait and see..
Articles and Tutorials
insertAdjacentHTML() Enables Faster HTML Snippet Injection On the Mozilla Hacks blog, Janet Swisher shows off the insertAdjacentHTML method and how to use it. Firefox 8 has only just added support for it, bringing it into line with other major browsers. Why use it? It has much better performance than endlessly tweaking innerHTML.
Mozilla's Brendan Eich on the Birth of Firefox
Mozilla's CSS Reference The Mozilla Developer Network has a great list of CSS properties, pseudo elements, selectors, and other features, each with a link to a well formatted reference page.
The Differences Between IE9 on the Desktop and IE9 on Windows Phone 7 Is IE 9 for Windows Phone 7 a direct port of IE 9 from the Windows desktop? It's not, and this article outlines 16 specific differences you should keep in mind if targeting IE 9 on WP7.
The Future Of CSS: Embracing The Machine? In an article for Smashing Magazine, Inayalli de Leon compares the advent of CSS preprocessors with the Industrial Revolution (!) and takes a look at CSS frameworks, 'object oriented' CSS, and more.
Mozilla's Draft 'Web Joystick API' Mozilla is working on a draft of a 'Web Joystick API' to present a new way for Web and game developers to access and use joysticks and other controllers in games. It's not part of HTML5 but efforts like these frequently get incorporated into standards.
What's New in CSS3 Values and Units? CSS 3 gives us a new CSS wide keyword to play with ('initial'), 5 new relative units for lengths, 5 new functional notations, and new types and units to support new CSS3 modules such as Grid and Flexbox layout, Transitions, and Transforms.
A Look at the State of HTML5 Parsing and the Opera 11.60 Beta
Build and Publish an HTML5 Game for iPad
Google Swiffy: Convert Flash SWFs to HTML5 Google has unveiled an online tool called Swiffy which can convert Flash SWF files to HTML5 and JavaScript. It supports a subset of SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0 at present and targets Webkit browsers like Chrome and Safari.
AreWePlayingYet? — A Pragmatic HTML5 Audio Test Suite Are We Playing Yet? is an open, public initiative to bring more harmony into HTML5 Audio implementations. It's by SoundCloud and it's open source but you can run all of the tests in your browser right now too. My Chrome gets 40/43.
Code and Libraries
Original Hover Effects with CSS3 Transitions A collection of simple, yet effective 'hover effects' on images, built around CSS3 transitions and animations. These are very slick and perfect if you want a creative way to caption images.
UILayer: A JavaScript API to Work with Layers on WebKit UILayer provides a JavaScript API on top of WebKit for working with the concept of layers. Instead of manipulating DOM elements using a myriad of mixed concepts, you go though a single, well defined API. Nice demos.
A 'Kickstart' HTML5 Project Bundling CAAT, CoffeeScript, Jessie and Guard coffee-guard-caat-jessie is a GitHub repository that bundles together a collection of projects as a sort of boilerplate / kickstarter if you want to build a Canvas-based graphical app using CoffeeScript and using TDD / BDD.
Selectivizr - CSS3 Pseudo-Class and Attribute Selectors for IE 6-8 selectivizr is a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8. Include the script in your pages and selectivizr does all the rest.
320 And Up: A 'Tiny Screen First' HTML5 Boilerplate Extension
WebGL GPU Landscaping and Erosion An interesting tech demo using WebGL to see if a few simple algorithms could be used to shape a landscape according to hydraulic erosion. It looks great and the techniques involved are shared in this post.
An HTML5 Terminal
mindhead.js: A Live EEG Data Hookup using HTML5 [video]
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