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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 129
March 19, 2014
Mozilla and Unity Bringing the Unity Game Engine to WebGL Unity is an exceptionally popular game development tool most frequently used for building games on Windows and OS X. In collaboration with Mozilla and using WebGL and asm.js, Unity is coming to the Web, plugin-free.
Delivering The Goods: Minimizing Page Load Time At O’Reilly Fluent 2014 last week, Google’s Paul Irish took on the topic of getting your content out to users as quickly as possible, and dug into the technicalities of minimizing page load time. Just 23 minutes but tons to learn from this.
Firefox 28 Arrives with VP9 Video Decoding, HTML5 Video and Audio Volume Controls, and More Not a major release but a handful of things for developers here. SPDY/2 support has been removed. You can also check out the release notes to learn more.
The Next Web
from our sponsor
A Heavyweight HTML5+CSS+JS Playground in the Cloud
Codio is a beautiful, free Web IDE for HTML5+CSS+JS. You also get a dedicated Ubuntu server with each and every project, so it’s ideal for Grunt build tasks and backend coding (Node, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.).
Introducing the Canvas Debugger in Firefox Developer Tools A tool for debugging animation frames rendered on a Canvas element. Whether you’re creating a visualization, animation or debugging a game, this tool will help you understand and optimize your animation loop. It will let you debug either a WebGL or 2D Canvas context.
Mozilla Hacks
Building A WebGL Logo Form Constant Dance wanted to have a specific effect in their Web site’s logo and turned to WebGL to make it happen. This article walks through how they made it work.
Form Constant Code
Contributing to (Web) Standards A quick explanation of things to think about before getting involved with contributing to standards and where this work takes place.
Anne van Kesteren
Audio Tags: Web Components + Web Audio An experiment building Web Components that represent Web Audio blocks that let us construct a complete instrument with an interface to play it. With reusable audio blocks, developers can experiment with Web Audio without having to write a lot of boilerplate code.
Mozilla Hacks
Growing An HTML5 Game Engine
Craig Robinson
CSS Regions Polyfill – Better, Smarter, Fuller After Chrome dropped support for CSS Regions, it seems Adobe has doubled down and they’ve now introduced a much-improved CSS Regions polyfill library, for those who’d like to use the concepts introduced by Regions.
CSS Vertical Text
David Walsh
Visualizing Bird Songs with Web Audio
Jim Vallandingham
Visual Regression Testing in Travis CI Visual regression tests/perceptual diffs are a way to test your website to verify the appearance stays consistent.
Todd Wolfson
Mozilla Drops 'Metro' Version of Firefox on Windows 8 Due to Low Usage
Google Chrome vs. Chromium A 7 minute discussion with Chromium Evangelist François Beaufort about the main differences between ‘Chromium’ and the Google Chrome browser. Always wondered what the difference was?
Ilya Grigorik's O'Reilly Fluent Keynote: 'Speed, Performance, and Human Perception' Some insights into performance aspects on the Web.
JavaScript / CoffeeScript Engineer @ Scribd Scribd needs an experienced JavaScript/CoffeeScript Engineer to join our team. We're looking for someone who's done more than just dabble in JS while doing front end development in HTML and CSS - we need a serious JavaScript Engineer.
UX Designer at in Amsterdam - incl. relocation support -#1 accommodation website- is looking for the world’s smartest designers.You’re excited about the endless potential of the web and a writer of excellent HTML & CSS? Make meaningful and measurable improvements impacting millions of people.
code and tools
SVGeneration: A Gallery of Customizable SVG Patterns and Backgrounds A showcase of SVG patterns and backgrounds that you can tweak and re-use.
Crosswalk: An HTML5 Runtime from Intel Many HTML5 applications need more than just a browser – they need all the features of a native application. Crosswalk is a web runtime for ambitious HTML5 applications. It provides all the features of a modern browser, combined with deep device integration and an API for adding native extensions.
Intel Open Source Technology Center
Animatron: An Online HTML5 Animation Creation Tool
A Bookmarklet for CSS Stress Testing and Performance Profiling A bookmarklet for stress testing the CSS on any given webpage by testing each CSS class on a page (by enabling and disabling them) and automatically rapidly scrolling the page. A clever idea and usable by developers and non-developers alike. This was linked last week but this page is better.
Andy Edinborough
Engi: A HTML5/WebGL-based Dataflow Programming Editor
grunt-csso: Minify CSS Files with CSSO
last but not least
Store and Sync Data in Realtime with Firebase
Using Firebase’s powerful JavaScript SDK, you can easily build realtime apps without worrying about networking, scaling, or writing complicated server code. See how it works and start developing instantly.
Sponsored Firebase
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