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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 125
February 19, 2014
15 Videos from SassConf SassConf was a two day conference for front-end developers and designers that took place in New York City last October. Talks ranged from a call for a Front-End Revolution by Hampton Catlin to Ben Bleikamp showing off GitHub’s use of Sass.
Chrome Close to Unprefixing Web Audio API's AudioContext Currently to use the Web Audio API in Chrome/Chromium you have to use the webkitAudioContext object but it looks like things will be changing soon. Firefox’s own Web Audio API implementation has been unprefixed since Firefox 25.
blink-dev list
W3C's Network Info API Likely to be 'Shelved' ‘Shelving in this case means that we are not sure the specification will advance along the lines the draft indicates.’
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New Relic
Web Animation at Work CSS3 animation guru Rachel Nabors looks at what animation provides to Web-based experiences and what you should consider if you want to be a Web-based animator.
Rachel Nabors
HTML5, CSS3, and the Bookmarklet that Shook the Web A look at the techniques behind a ‘Harlem Shake’ bookmarklet that went viral a year ago.
Mozilla Hacks
Google Will Block Local Extensions in Chrome 33 for Windows The aim appears to be to stop the prevalence of malware or advertising oriented extensions that are pushing their ways into people’s Chrome installs.
The Next Web
Tricks for GPU Composited CSS
Ariya Hidayat
Live Editing Sass and Less in the Firefox Developer Tools
Mozilla Hacks
How SVG Line Animation Works
The Servo Layout Engine: Parallelizing the Browser Servo is a new browser engine built in Mozilla’s Rust language with a focus on parallelism, performance, and safety. Paul Rouget explains how it works well and this is a great watch for anyone interested in what goes on under the hood of a browser.
Paul Rouget
Building Windows 8 Applications with HTML5 and Web App Template A 40 minute walkthrough by Jeff Burtoft.
Channel 9
code and tools
Vizicities: Web-Based 3D City Visualization Platform A WebGL-powered 3D city and data visualization platform. It’s flexible in its operation but can do things like let you visualize the London Underground train network in real time.
Robin Hawkes
localForage: Offline Storage, Improved JavaScript library that uses the very simple localStorage API but provides an asynchronous API with callbacks, support for ES6 Promises, arbitrary type support, and more.
Mozilla Hacks
VexFlow: HTML5 Music Notation Rendering API Good looking results, a good tutorial, and it supports both SVG and HTML5 Canvas.
Broccoli: First Beta Release of a New Build Tool A new tool nipping at the heels of Grunt and Gulp that promises even faster builds with its asset pipeline.
Jo Liss
css-sprite: Generate Sprites and Corresponding CSS from a Directory of Images
Alexander Slansky
Panda.js: An Open Source HTML5 Game Engine Complete with a Flappy Bird clone app to show it off.
Eemeli Kelokorpi
EnjoyCSS: Online CSS3 Code Generator With a Simple Graphical Interface
select-switch: To Convert 'Select' Boxes into Switches
pageres: Get Screenshots of Websites in Different Resolutions
Sindre Sorhus
Frontend Engineer at Remind101 (San Francisco, CA) ✔ $15MM series B ✔ Improving education ✔ Adding 40,000 users/day __ +You
Front End Developer (Web Designer) - Cambridge, MA, USA Do you want to join a rapidly growing, profitable startup? As a Front End Developer at AdHarmonics, you'll drive the user experience for millions of consumers as an integral part of a totally awesome UX team.
FlapMMO: Flappy Bird Reimagined as a Canvas-Powered Multiplayer Game Imagine hundreds of people playing Flappy Bird at once. This is what you get.
Static Showdown (Hackathon for Static Web Apps) Winners Revealed
Static Showdown
last but not least..
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