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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 124
February 12, 2014
WebRTC Data Channels: WebRTC Data Channels for High Performance Data Exchange Dan Ristic explains how to use WebRTC’s RTCDataChannel API to transfer data directly from one browser to another.
HTML5 Rocks
The Chromium Feature Dashboard A look at the features the Chromium team are working on or considering for future releases of Chrome. A lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline, it seems.
Chromium Dashboard
W3C HTML Spec Drops Input Type 'datetime-local' Is of ‘little independent value and a source of potential developer confusion’. There’s a brief summary of the issue.
World Wide Web Consortium
from our sponsor
How Are You Monitoring Your Front-End Performance?
80-90% of end-user response time is spent in the front-end. SpeedCurve is a front-end monitoring service built on top of WebPagetest that gives you detailed feedback on how your code base is affecting performance. Benchmark your website’s speed against your competitors today with a 14 day free trial.
Using CreateJS's EaselJS Library to Work with HTML5 Canvases
A Look at the Developer Tools in Firefox (Aurora) 29 Firefox 29 is now on the pre-beta Aurora channel and this article takes a look at some of the new features in its developer tools, including a theme overhaul, an improved network monitor, CSS source map in the style editor, and more.
Mozilla Hacks
Creating Real-Time WebGL Visualizations
The Power Of Kendo UI And Straight Up HTML You can use Kendo UI to work with plain HTML to construct your own on-page, UI widgets.
Burke Holland
Applying Transformations To Responsive Web Design
Smashing Magazine
PNG Image Metadata Found Leveraging iFrame Injections Essentially JavaScript code is being packed into PNG files and then read out via the HTML5 Canvas API.
A Chrome Bug Affecting Web Fonts If you’ve been seeing Web fonts ‘fall back’ to less elegant alternatives, this could be the problem. It’s resolved in dev builds.
The Typekit Blog
Draggable Elements That Push Others Out Of The Way
CSS-Tricks — How We Developed a Service Using WebRTC How a service designed to share photos and images is leaning on WebRTC.
Browser Wars Infographic A quick infographic from New Relic looking at browser popularity and performance.
New Relic
Build a Valentine's Day eCard with HTML and CSS
Go Node Without Code (video) Brian Rinaldi looks at the many ways Node and its npm ecosystem of JavaScript packages can help front-end developers, even without doing any server-side programming.
O'Reilly Media
Front End Developer (Web Designer) - Cambridge, MA, USA Do you want to join a rapidly growing, profitable startup? As a Front End Developer at AdHarmonics, you'll drive the user experience for millions of consumers as an integral part of a totally awesome UX team.
code and tools
SVGMagic: A jQuery SVG Fallback Plugin A simple jQuery plugin that searches for SVG images (including background images) on your site and creates PNG versions (via a call to a server-based PHP script) if the browser doesn't support SVG.
Dirk Groenen
progre(c)ss: Pure CSS Progress Bars with Minimal Effort Just add a class and update a progrecss data attribute on the element of choice.
jhey tompkins
JointJS: An HTML 5 JavaScript Diagramming Library A JavaScript library for visualization and interaction with diagrams and graphs. It can be used to create either static diagrams or fully interactive diagramming tools and application builders.
client IO
Vega: A Visualization Grammar A declarative format for creating, saving and sharing visualization designs. With Vega you can describe data visualizations in a JSON format, and generate interactive views using either HTML5 Canvas or SVG.
Trifacta Inc.
imacss: Transforms Image Files to Data URIs for Embedding in CSS
André König
InstantClick: A JavaScript Library to Make Your Website Instant Preloads pages as soon as someone hovers over a link. This cuts out about 200ms of lag in general.
Alex Dieulot
80s-Style Typography with CSS A delightful combination of 80s style bravado, typography, and CSS. These all come out really well (on Chrome, at least).
Phaser: Desktop and Mobile HTML5 Game Framework
PathGL: A WebGL Renderer for D3 Sits between the D3 data visualization library and the DOM and lets you draw to WebGL instead of SVG.
Adnan Wahab
last but not least..
Announcing the New Voltron in Agile Software Development: & Quick Left Quick Left, award-winning software consultancy, and Sprintly, the SaaS management platform for software development, merged to form a veritable Voltron and are expanding to San Francisco, Portland, and Boulder. Work with the new Quick Left today.
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'HTML5 is dead.' Well, in the WHATWG’s DOM standard, at least.
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