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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 123
February 5, 2014
SigmaJS: Graph Drawing Library with Canvas and WebGL Renderers A JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing. It makes easy to publish networks on Web pages, and allows developers to integrate network exploration in rich Web applications.
Alexis Jacomy
Bootstrap 3.1 Released
Firefox 27 Released TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support enabled by default; SPDY 3.1 support included; plus some new CSS and Canvas features.
HTML5 Developer Conference's Call For Speakers Open The HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco is back again, this time on May 22 with training days spanning May 19-23. Want to speak? Now’s the time to get your proposals in.
from our sponsor
Don’t Let Bugs Slow Down Your App Performance
Slow apps are buggy apps. New Relic lets you speed up your application’s performance by giving you code-level monitoring visibility. Try New Relic today and we’ll even send you a Nerd Life t-shirt.
New Relic
Optimizing Web Font Rendering Performance Google performance guru Ilya Grigorik looks at how to determine the performance impact of web fonts on a page and how to alleviate some of the issues.
Ilya Grigorik
Learning SVG Joseph Wegner details how to get started using SVG to build scalable and animated images.
Flippin' Awesome
WebRTC - A Microbe in The World of HTML5 Not enough people are aware of WebRTC and we need to evangelize it more, suggests Chris Kranky.
Chris Kranky
Extreme HTML5 Video Interactivity: Sending WebSocket Messages with Popcorn.js
The Zinger
The Static Web Returns ‘The 90s standard of static web content is returning and for good reason’
Rob Muhlestein
Simple Grids with CSS Multi-Column Layout
David Bushell
Build 3D Applications with The WebGL-based MontageJS 3D Component
Static Analysis For CSS
Flippin' Awesome
An Introduction to WebGL with Tony Parisi
Optimizing WebGL Applications with Don Olmstead
Full Stack Engineer at HiringSolved (Chandler, AZ) Please come join our team so I can stop writing these stupid job descriptions and get back to building awesome distributed systems.
Full-stack Software Engineer at (SF) Help us build realtime collaborative software to change the way people hire. We use OSS web frameworks (, to make modern enterprise software. We need help building more features for customers like Box, Quora, Lyft, Firebase & Chartio.
code and tools
Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin An extension for the Bootstrap 3 framework that makes many of the components of accessible for keyboard and screen reader users.
PayPal Engineering
remote.js: Remote Control for Web Apps A library for developing ‘remote controlled’ web apps that are controlled not over a network but using ultrasonic noise. Uses the Web Audio API.
Hage Yaapa
Drop: A Fast and Capable Dropdown (Menu | Control | Card) Library
WOW.js: Reveal Animations When You Scroll. Very Animate.css Friend Triggers CSS animations as you scroll. Helps if you’re a fan of ‘doge’, naturally.
Matthieu Aussaguel
mini-html-parser: A Mini HTML Parser for WebWorkers and Node
Matthew Mueller
rangeslider.js: Simple HTML5 Input type='range' Slider Element Polyfill
André Ruffert
Molecule: HTML5 Game Framework to Build Cross-Platform Games
A Realtime Bitcoin Globe A WebGL-powered globe that shows the transactions taking place within the Bitcoin system.
Wizbit One Click Video Conversations Video conversations with up to 8 people with no login, no installs, etc. Uses WebRTC.
Telenor Digital AS
IE11 Crashes When 5 Or More Input Fields Set to Empty
thisway.js by Stravaganza A new demoscene production that’s a remake of a 1990s demos, but done using WebGL and JavaScript.
last but not least..
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