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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 122
January 29, 2014
Reversing Course, Google Rejects Adobe's CSS Regions Spec Google has controversially taken a step back on CSS Regions, a spec Adobe has been working on for years to bring magazine-style layout capabilities to the Web. Blink’s focus this year is on performance, particularly on mobile platforms, rather than new features. Adobe's CSS Regions polyfill could now become more significant to developers who liked the functionality.
EME WTF? An Introduction to Encrypted Media Extensions Sam Dutton takes a look at the API behind the recent ‘HTML5 DRM’ controversy. EME essentially allows webapps to interact with arbitrary content protection systems.
HTML5 Rocks
Nominate Your Web Heroes for O'Reilly's 2014 Web Platform Awards
O'Reilly Media
from our sponsor
Frontend Masters: New Interactive Data Visualization with d3.js Course by Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson, organizer of Bay Area d3 and creator of, teaches you the major parts of d3.js through building step-by-step a complex interactive visualization using publicly available data. He codes it all from scratch…so you’ll know exactly how everything works and be able to build your own visualizations!

Watch this free lesson where Ian applies color scales and sizes scatterplot points based on data range.
Frontend Masters
The HTML Landscape: The Differences Between Various HTML Specs A document that aims to capture the key differences between three HTML specifications: WHATWG’s HTML Living Standard and W3C’s HTML 5.0 and 5.1 specs.
CSS Regions Considered Harmful The father of CSS and CTO of Opera shares his opinions on CSS Regions, as championed by Adobe. He argues CSS Regions leads to extra unnecessary DIVs, that they’re not responsive, and they’re confusing and verbose.
Håkon Wium Lie
CSS Regions Matter And the yin to the yang above.
Flippin' Awesome
CSS Regions in Blink: The Background Discussion on the blink-dev Mailing List
Google Groups
10 HTML Tags You Might Not Be Using meter, progress, cite, q, pre, kbd, samp, small, output, and dfn.
Aurelio De Rosa
CSS Animation Tricks: State Jumping, Negative Delays, Animating Origin, and More A handful of interesting approaches, complete with inline examples.
CSS Tricks
After… no, no, ::before… wait… A look at the semantic issues with what ‘before’ and ‘after’ really mean in the context of CSS selectors.
The User Timing API: For Understanding Your Web App Alex Danilo looks at a handy browser API that lets you instrument your web application to identify where your application is spending its time.
HTML5 Rocks
pushState to the Future: Progressive Enhancement Using HTML5 pushState at Twitter Todd Kloots of Twitter speaks about HTML5’s History API and demonstrated how its pushState method is used in Twitter’s Web-based interface.
O'Reilly Media
All About WebGL A complete 3 hour event from Google’s San Francisco offices with various talks on WebGL. Note: The first full talk, from Tony Parisi, begins at around the 29:40 mark.
Using Bower to Manage your Front-End Dependencies (January 30) A cheap and short live online course about the popular dependency manager. It takes place this Thursday (30th) at 1PM EST.
code and tools
veinjs: jQuery Plugin for CSS Injection Aims to be fast and persistent.
Danny Povolotski
promoSlide: jQuery Plugin for Promotional Content That Appears with User Scrolling
Andy Atkinson
Tether: To Keep Absolutely Positioned Elements Attached to Other Elements
Drop: A Fast and Capable Dropdown (Menu | Control | Card) Library
Front-End Developer (50-100%) at Cargo Media (Basel, Switzerland) To further develop our framework, we are looking for front-end developers with a strong affinity towards design. Work includes graphic design & mockups, a mobile-first philosophy, implementing responsive design with HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery, etc.
UX Designer at in Amsterdam - incl. relocation support the #1 accommodation website is looking for the world’s smartest designers. Good in HTML & CSS? You’ll be given the freedom to make meaningful and measurable improvements impacting millions of people. Join us at our beautiful HQ in Amsterdam.
Visage|SDK for HTML5: A Commercial JavaScript SDK for Face Tracking
Includes three demos and seems to work really well.
spacedrum! A Playable Steel Drum in the Browser
Diógenes Herminio
Chrome + LEGO: You Can Build Whatever You Like It’s 18 months old already but the WebGL-based ‘Build with Chrome’ online LEGO builder is now open to everyone.
Google Chrome Blog
last but not least..
Speed Up Your App Performance! It’s easier to build faster apps when you can quickly identify the root cause and spot bottlenecks. New Relic helps you monitor and track the health of your application so you can spot bugs with code-level visibility. Try New Relic today & we’ll send you a FREE Nerd Life t-shirt.
Sponsored New Relic
Static Showdown: A Hackathon for Static Web Apps (February 8-9) Registration closes in two days (end of the month). There will be prizes.
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