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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 120
January 15, 2014
W3C Advisory Committee Elects Technical Architecture Group Domenic Denicola of Lab49 and David Herman of Mozilla made it to W3C TAG.
Web Apps That Talk: Introduction to the Speech Synthesis API The Web Speech API adds voice recognition (speech to text) and speech synthesis (text to speech) to JavaScript, with the latter landing in Chrome 33 (still a Dev channel release). Eric Bidelman looks at how to get your Web pages speaking.
HTML5 Rocks
10 of the Best HTML5 Games from 2013 Not your typical list post but a good roundup of some genuinely good games.
Austin Hallock
Requirements for DRM in HTML5 Are A Secret
Boing Boing
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What's Wrong with the CSS Box Model, and How to Fix It A look at why the default box model is a problem and why ‘box-sizing: border-box’ is a good workaround.
Press Up
Enhancing the HTML abbr Element on Mobile Aurelio De Rosa explains the HTML abbr element and how to make it work nicely on mobile touch screen devices.
Flippin' Awesome
Getting Started with the WebP Image Format
Treehouse Blog
HTTP/2 Considerations and Tradeoffs A Chromium developer working on HTTP/2 shares a lot of insights and data on the considerations and tradeoffs with the protocol.
William Chan
Capture Canvas and WebGL Output As Video using WebSockets
Jos Dirksen
Andrew Betts on Developing for Mobile with HTML5 Brian Rinaldi interviews Andrew Betts, founder of FT Labs, about the challenges of building for mobile platforms with HTML5 and related tools.
Mozilla Calls on World to Protect Firefox Browser From the NSA
Wired Enterprise
Fast Interactive Prototyping with Sketch and D3.js
Maël Primet
Building Fast Infinite List Views Paul Irish collects together some patterns and antipatterns on Google+.
Paul Irish
Malicious Use of the HTML5 Vibrate API Convincing fake interface modals and fake phone calls could lead to phishing attempts or other malicious behavior.
Terence Eden
libsass.js: Sass Compilation in the Browser as an Emscripten Experiment A rather technical look at how two developers got the C-based libsass Sass compilation library working within the browser using Emscripten. A great read if you want to do your own library work with Emscripten, however.
Rodney Rehm
Media APIs for The Multi-Platform Web At the Chrome Dev Summit 2013, two Chrome developers look at how to build dynamic, multi-device Web applications using the video and audio elements, WebRTC, Web Audio, and more.
Sam Dutton and Jan Linden
Stunning Visuals with Maths JavaScript? A 32 minute presentation from Full Frontal 2013 that covers lots of creative visual uses for CSS transforms and other CSS3 features.
Ana Tudor
Polymer Polymer is a new type of library for the evolving modern web platform that leverages the many technologies behind web components. Google’s Eric Bidelman walks through what’s involved.
Eric Bidelman
An Update on Google's Blink Engine Paul Irish and Eric Seidel talk about the latest on Google Chrome’s Blink rendering engine.
code and tools
Chrome 32 Released to the Stable Channel A key new feature for Chrome 32 is tab indicators for sound, webcam and casting so users can now track down ‘noisy’ tabs. Chrome on Windows 8 ‘Metro’ also gets a new look.
polymermvc: Sample ASP.NET MVC4 App Showing How to Use Polymer, Bootstrap and Angular.JS
Peter Shaw
Front End Developer at Econsultancy (London) We're looking for a Front End Developer to join our 8 man dev team in central London. You'll be working with AngularJS, HTML5, responsive designs, Rails and other exciting technologies. Passion required, ideally perm, but will consider contractors too.
UX Designer at in Amsterdam - incl. relocation support - #1 accommodation website is looking for the world’s smartest designers. Good in HTML & CSS? You’ll be given the freedom to make meaningful and measurable improvements impacting millions of people. You’ll join us at our beautiful HQ in Amsterdam!
Face Substitution Demo
A fun WebGL based ‘face substitution’ demo that uses getUserMedia and the JavaScript library ‘clmtrackr’. Yes, that’s me on the right and, oh, it doesn’t like glasses.
Audun Mathias Øygard
The Black Brick Road of O.Z.: An HTML5 Story Game A beautiful feat with a large amount of CSS and vanilla JavaScript.
Rachel Nabors and Xamag
CSS Shaky Animation Effect
Tyler Gaw
last but not least..
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